Mini Review: Sunless Sea

downloadSo I find myself once again absolutely swamped and needing to find some way to fill a slot without telling people posting a ‘sorry no post spot’. I promise guys that this shit will be ending soon. School and life can just sometimes really pull a powerful combo. But, with that said, today we are going to talk about a HP Lovecraft high sea adventure in the video game Sunless Sea.

Sunless Sea is a dark, gritty, and macabre style game where you take control of a sea captain as they explore the ocean around their quaint little town, deal with horrific monsters, battle the demons on the underworld, and interact with strange people and entities not from this world. The only real “end game” for the game is up to you. The goal is to live a life worth remembering and lead an exciting life… Simple enough if you don’t have Cthulhu breathing down your throat.


What can I say? The game is a good time. It is one of those games where you can get lost for hours playing and the feeling of immersion is almost instantaneous. Its Hotline Miami top down style compliments the tone of the game.

I will admit that it most certainly can get a little boring from time to time and the monotony begins to settle in fast. But… If you can look past that then you will find a truly fun and exciting game.

Final Score 3.5/5

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