International Wrestlers better than WWE: Female Wrestlers

We continue our list of International Talent that is better than what you see on WWE with the female wrestlers in pro wrestling today. WWE does not have a good track record with women. They are often pushed to the side as an afterthought and, in the past, only been toted out to bring some sex appeal to the show. Before the recent revival of women’s wrestling, WWE has pushed more for Reality Show audience with Total Divas. It is because of this that Nikki and Bri Bella were pushed as the top women wrestlers when their skills in the ring could be seen as decent to mediocre. Even with a shift in today’s viewing audience wanting wrestlers like Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley it is still an uphill battle for them. Considering that their feuds typically consist of ‘bitches be crazy’ and disgusting displays like Ric Flair forcing a kiss on Becky Lynch… They have a long ways to go before they reach the level of Lucha Underground. But anyway, on with the list.

Bench: Charlotte

I chose Charlotte for a few obvious reasons. The first of which is that she is the current champion, so points there. She is also seen by WWE to be the most viable talent, hence why she is on a significant push with her father in her corner. She represents the future of WWE. While Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky Lynch challenged for the spot… Charlotte ultimately barely squeaked out as the bench mark for this list.

download (1)Sexy Star (AAA/Lucha Underground)

Anyone who is a fan of AAA or Lucha Underground knows who Sexy Star is. She is, without a doubt, one of the best wrestlers that I have ever seen. She has an impressive physique, high impact moves, and a natural charisma to her that draws in fans no matter where she goes. She is one of the most impressive wrestlers on the Lucha Underground roster.

Likelihood of Signing: Near Impossible

Why They Should Never Sign

Sexy Star and WWE don’t mix. Not only is her English not the strongest, but she has a style that would work circles around the majority of the WWE stars. Unless she wrestled exclusively Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Bayley she would make the remainder of the women of WWE look like hopeless amateurs.

2015-10-28-1446032172-4431512-GailKimGail Kim (TNA)

This is a person that WWE just dropped the ball on constantly. Gail Kim is one of the best workers in the business today. But her attitude and the attitude of the WWE are just one of those things that do not mix. It happens, certain people gel better with different businesses. Look at Raven for instance. The man has had major success in every company except WWE. Same goes for Gail Kim. She is one of the best wrestlers out there, but she simply doesn’t work well in the WWE system.

Likelihood of Signing Near Impossible

Why They Should Never Sign

Gail Kim does not want to work for WWE again and the feeling is definitely mutual. She caused problems with the WWE while she had her first and second run, namely because she wasn’t being utilized to her full extent and has found a niche for herself as one of the top talents in TNA. Even when TNA goes completely belly up, expect her to shift to ROH or another industry like that.

maxresdefaultIvelisse (Lucha Underground)

Anyone who hasn’t watched Ivelisse wrestle… You are missing out. That woman is absolutely terrifying. She has legs that could crush a cinderblock and a move set that is out of this world. When the woman can take on Mil Muertes/El Mesias and look like a legitimate competitor, you know that you have something special in her.

Likelihood of Signing: Probably not

Why They Should Never Sign

Simply put, Ivelisse is too good for WWE. Her efforts would be wasted challenging the likes of Nikki Bella, Alicia Fox, and Naomi. Ivelisse is a terrifying woman. She has tree trunk legs that could snap a steel beam in half and a move set that is unique and exciting. She challenged for the Lucha Underground Championship at the beginning of the season and she most certainly earned it. She is one tough woman.

downloadAwesome Kong (Several)

Poor Awesome Kong. She is such a good wrestler and such a good talent. If it weren’t for the fact that she is a bit of a problem to deal with, she would be one of the top talents in the world. Awesome Kong is prodigiously talented and if in the right system she can be a force to be reckoned with.

Lieklihood of Signing Maybe

Why They Should Never Sign

It isn’t outside the realms of possibility. But I doubt she would ever sign again with WWE. Not only would WWE bungle out to deal with her, there is also some bad blood in there as well. Hopefully she finds her place in the pro wrestling world soon so that she can continue to wow crowds around the world.

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