From the Vaults: God’s Not Dead

God's_Not_DeadWhy do I do this to myself? Why do I sit through things like this? I honestly have no idea. Nobody is asking for it. Nobody wants me to review these propaganda movies. Just like in War Room, I am doing this to myself. I am putting myself through hell for your all’s entertainment and I am reviewing things that none of my readers saw or wants to see. At either rate, this is God’s Not Dead. The second one just came out so I thought… There isn’t a time like the present to tackle this thing. So let’s get to it. Let’s tackle this horrific movie.

I will state before I go any further that when it comes to personal beliefs, I like to keep mine secret. That is my right as a human being. But I will say that I have no problem with any organized religions. My opinion is that you have the right to believe in whatever you want and I will not take that away from you. So please understand, that this review is not criticizing Christianity in anyway. I am criticizing a terrible film that is nothing more than terrifying propaganda.

So the story mainly takes place on a college campus during a philosophy class. Our resident atheist, Professor Raddison (Kevin Sorbo), demands that his class right on a piece of paper that God is Dead in order to move forward in class. One of the students, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) refuses because it is against his religion. Well Professor Raddison, being the horrific atheist that he is, gets angry at the fact that someone would dare be religious in his class and challenges Josh to a debate that takes up the entirety of his class. For the rest of the semester, the two debate with one another attempting to prove that God is either dead or not dead.

Apparently Atheists are All Just Horrific People Who Want to Kill All Religion234289_012

So apparently, according to this movie, atheists are horrendous, terrible people. They hate God, they have Christians for having any kind of faith, and most of them have had some kind of horrific tragedy in their life that has made them “turn their back” away from God. Okay, I’m sorry, but you are wrong. You are just plain wrong. I am sure that some of these people exist, I’m not saying that someone like Professor Raddison does not exist. But is he representative of the atheist community? No, of course he isn’t.

Most atheists, the same for most Christians as well. Have the belief that you are free to believe whatever you want to believe. As long as your belief does not hurt others and as long as you do not force your religion onto someone who is unwilling. They do not hate Christians, they do not want all religion to go away, they do not have some tragic backstory that has lead them to turn their backs to God, most of them are just trying to find the answer to the big question the same as everyone else on this rock.

This movie is a Straw Man movie. This movie claims that what atheists want to do is to shove evolution down Christians throats and kill Christianity for good. Which is simply not the case. I am sorry, if this was a legitimate debate that was founded on mutual respect, I would have more respect for this movie, and maybe regard it more than just horrific propaganda.

Dangerous Messages About Praying Illness Away and Racial Stereotypes

So, one of the major plot points of this movie is that a liberal blogger Amy (Trish LaFache) is diagnosed with cancer. Not only does she have no friends because she is a godless heathen, but on top of that she does not actually become healed of cancer until she gives her life to God. So in other words, what this movie is saying is that if you are sick actually seeking medical attention is merely secondary to God choosing to save you. I find that to be absolutely sick. Yes, having faith is a good thing and when you are sick having faith can help give you strength to keep fighting. But seeking medical help is the imperative and if you do believe, then potentially God’s will coming through through modern technology.

Also, apparently if you are not a christian and you happen to be of the Islamic faith, then you will become instantly abusive towards your family and throw them out of the house for even thinking of adopting another faith. Which is exactly what happens in this movie. There is an Arabic girl who is interested in Christian faith and when her dad finds out, he abuses her. I’m sorry, but this is an absolutely venomous stereotype that would draw just as much ire from the people who made this movie if it were a Christian white man and the daughter wanted to be an atheist.

imagesIt Doesn’t Want to Have a Discussion. It Wants to Reaffirm Belief

This movie could have been something if it focused on an intelligent discussion between atheism and Christianity. If this was made with both sides being equally valid, then it could present itself as a very progressive movie that shows that both sides can get along and ultimately it is about your introspective journey towards whatever path you choose and that it is okay for someone to have a different lifestyle and set of morals.

But that is not what is going on in this movie. It does not attempt to have that conversation, hell it doesn’t even attempt to convert anyone. This movie is, at its core, a movie that will help reaffirm someone’s faith by seeing it in action on the big screen. This is a movie that wants to make its comments, be applauded by the ten people who will already applaud it, and pat itself on the back saying that it changed someone.


This movie can go screw itself! It is the worst kind of Straw Man Argument by trying to force dialogue into the mouths of a community that has no intention of shoving its beliefs down other people’s throats. This movie could have been something if it had treated the people who did not agree with their values as respectable people. But, by making them horrific villains, this movie turns into the worst kind of propaganda, the self aggrandizing propaganda.

Final Score 0/5

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3 thoughts on “From the Vaults: God’s Not Dead”

  1. Man, I thought it just looked bad. Yet honor killings and the whole islam thing feature in the German press all the time, bad stuff that… yet this was not the movie to tackle it.

    Do you think a non horrible movie like this was even remotely possible though? Wonder if its subject or writting.

  2. Whoa! You dished out the dreaded zero for this one. Is it the first time you’ve done that? Then again, I heard it’s pretty appalling; it never pays to reduce your opposition to one-dimensional strawmen, does it? Entertaining thoughts of reviewing the sequel as well?

  3. I’ve watched this movie 3 or 4 times and could watch it a hundred more. The acting was Great and the Newsboys were Awesome! This is my favorite, pretty much. The 2nd one is even better! But i guess it has different effects on non-believers. Anyway, it was Totally Awesome, in my opinion. ~Anne

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