Mini Review: The Forest

The_Forest_PosterFor the love of all that is good and holy, this year has been absolute hell when it comes to movies. Out of the movies, I have seen I have one ONE MOVIE on the “Best List” right now and that is Deadpool. My worst list has already filled up at this point! I have a fucking dishonorable mention! My god, I need to see some good movies this year. Something, anything! Why didn’t I see Zootopia? I hear that was a good movie! Why couldn’t I have found that on a fucking stream!? NO! Instead, I find The Forest! My god, I had to stumble across this piece of dog shit and now have to take soap to my eyes just to wash the images out of them.


This movie is horse shit. I don’t even see where a good movie could have come from it. It has a terrible premise, it is racially offensive, the characters are bland, the script is atrocious, and it stands as just another piece of horse shit horror movie that wastes away in the January wastelands. I guess it can now join The Gallows in the room of horrendous horror movies that I had to sit through for this site.

Final Score: 0/5

Well, that is three 0’s in a row. That is a new record! I should be so thankful! My Christ, I hope the next 2016 movie I see is good.

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