International Talent Better than WWE: Main Event Talent

Thank god the semester is over and I can get back to working on my website 100%. It has been one hell of a time, but now you all can expect my posts to become much more consistent again as well as seeing more new movie and video game reviews. There will be a few changes to the site over the summer, but more on that later. For now, let’s wrap up this International Talent segment I have been working on for months with the top talent in other wrestling promotions that are better than the current crop in WWE. Once again, I do want to stress, as much hyperbole as I lay on this, this doesn’t mean that these guys are better then everyone on the roster. This is a post that is meant to showcase those who do not work for WWE and to show that there is more to this world then just what Vince McMahon has to offer.

EC3_TNA_WrestlingEthan Carter III (TNA)

A man who once wrestled in the WWE, Ethan Carter III may be one of WWE’s biggest blunders. The man exudes charisma and is an excellent worker in the ring. However, sometimes someone’s potential tragically takes some time to mature and ECIII was not ready for WWE when his time came.

They years have passed and what was WWE’s loss was TNA’s gain. The man has been the company top guy for some time now and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon. While he does compete with people like Drew Galloway, ECIII is an amazing main event talent.

Likelihood of Signing Possible

Why They Should Never Sign

WWE have a bat habit of falling into a comfort zone as of recent years. Once a person is stuck with a gimmick, it tends to stay with them for the rest of their time in WWE… And it comes back to them once they return. I’m not saying ECIII cannot get over as Derrick Bateman. But what I am saying is that he will have a much easier time if he sticks with the similar ECIII gimmick. ECIII may want to wait until TNA inevitably folds and then move on to pastures greener like Ring of Honor.

Fenix-AAA-Fusion-Champion-CroppedFenix (LU/AAA)

As of right now, Fenix is my favorite wrestler in the world bar none. While WWE is trying to find the marketable successor to Rey Mysterio in Kalisto, the true successor to the next wave of Lucha Libre is Fenix. The man is young, quick, and has an energy to him that is undeniable. The constant underdog, Fenix has wowed crowds in both Mexico as well as the United States. Fenix is the man that I would build a promotion around and just let him run with it, possibly giving him a manager to speak for him since his promo skills are not the greatest and the man could be a living legend across the world.

Likelihood of Signing Unlikely

Why They Should Never Sign

WWE has a thing about Luchadors and I am not sure why. I guess they do not want to complicate things, but with Sin Cara and Kalisto wrestling with WWE, they probably won’t scower the earth for anymore.

Jay_Lethal_2014Jay Lethal (ROH/NJPW)

If you were looking for the hottest thing on the American wrestling independent scene, you would look no further after finding Jay Lethal. Lethal is Ring of Honor’s top man as of now and has continued to impress over the past few years with ROH Television and ROH World Championship.

After being wasted by TNA during the mid 2000’s, Lethal has finally come into his own as one of the best wrestlers in the world and will continue his climb to the upper echelons of pro wrestling.

Likelihood of Signing Maybe

Why They Should Never Sign

Jay Lethal is a god in ROH. He is respected, loved, and is on his way to being one of the longest reigning ROH Champions in history. There were rumors back in summer of last year that WWE was interested in him, but considering the fact that if he went to WWE, he would, at best, be a sidekick along with the New Day… It really isn’t worth his time.

downloadKazuchika Okada (NJPW)

Kazuchika Okada, along with Hiroshi Tanahashi and Shinsuke Nakamura were three of the biggest names to come out of New Japan in recent years. Okada is the youngest of the three and currently experienced an amazing stint as the IWGP Champion. The man certainly has charisma and knows how to put on big match caliber shows. He, along with Nakamura and Tanahashi are the primary factors behind NJPW’s success over the 2000’s.

Likelihood of Signing Very Unlikely

Why They Should Never Sign

Okada has stated before that he has no intention of working for WWE. He spent some time as a Young Lion wrestling for TNA using a horrifically racist gimmick akin to the Green Hornet. Considering his run with TNA, success in Japan, and the fact that he is making good money in his home country, I doubt we will ever see him in WWE.

download (2)El Mesias/Mil Muertes (LU/AAA)

El Mesias or by his Lucha Underground name, Mil Muertes is a legend in Mexico. For the better part of the last 20 years Ricky Banderas (Real name) has been a staple of Lucha Libre. He is a classic big man wrestler who knows how to put on an excellent match. He has a look to him that says that you can build an entire promotion around him and AAA has certainly done just that.

Likelihood of Signing Near Impossible

Why They Should Never Sign

Although he doesn’t look like it, Banderas is 40 years old. The man is already approaching Triple H/Chris Jericho levels of part time work when it comes to being in the ring. While he is certainly a household name in Mexico, he is far too old to get any sort of significant push for WWE.

download (1)Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW)

Along with the aforementioned Kazuchika Okada and the new WWE signee Shinsuke Nakamura, Hiroshi Tanahashi rounds out the three as the big guys who revolutionized Japanese wrestling in the 2000’s. Arguably the most successful of the three, Tanahashi harkens back to classic style of wrestling and has a charismatic look and attitude to boot. He has been one of the top guys in NJPW since he came into the company and continues to perform excellent matches as he has gotten up in the years.

Likelihood of Signing Unlikely

Why They Should Never Sign

Unlike Nakamura who wanted to compete in the States, Hiroshi Tanahashi has admitted multiple times that he has little to no interest in spending excessive amount of time competing in the United States. This, combined with the fact that he is a major player in NJPW, means that it is highly unlikely he will sign with WWE, no matter how much they ask for him.

Paparazzo_Photography_Matt_HardyMatt Hardy (TNA)

I mentioned Matt in the Tag Team section, but all things considered, Matt Hardy is one of the wrestlers that WWE dropped the ball on… Though I should add that it is somewhat justified considering both the Hardy brothers’ problem with drugs. While I question Jeff Hardy’s potential as a main event star today, considering the fact that his body is broken, and his body is still riddled with more drugs then a pharmacy, Matt on the other hand is much more of a viable main event contender.

Matt was always the more technically skilled of the two and that has certainly benefited the man in the long run who has had a much more fulfilling career at this point then his brother Jeff who has somewhat burned out while Matt continues to succeed. He is one of the top men in the failing TNA and had a great feud with the aforementioned Ethan Carter III. Matt Hardy certainly has some energy left in him to make a strong statement in any main event picture.

Likelihood of Signing: Inevitable

Why They Should Never Sign

Matt Hardy should sign with WWE… When he is ready to retire. That Legends contract means that he gets paid X amount of money to show up a few times and can sit on his butt and collect royalty from the merchandise they peddle. But before that, Matt should stay away from WWE. Matt can make a good amount of money and be a top guy everywhere except for WWE, where he will be used as a legacy gimmick akin to the Dudley Boyz today.


download (3)El Texano Jr. (LU/AAA)

Anyone who has not watched El Texano Jr work in AAA or Lucha Underground needs to stop what they are doing and take notice. This man is exactly what all big man wrestlers should be. Anyone who knows me knows I like my wrestlers on the smaller and more agile side. But El Texano Jr is exactly what I want in a big guy wrestler. He is large, impressive, quick, and a powerhouse of a competitor. He is the longest reigning AAA Mega Champion and is currently on his second reign with the belt after it was dropped by Alberto el Patron.

Likelihood of Signing Highly Unlikely

Why They Should Never Sign

Texano is getting older. He has a rich Mexican heritage and while in Mexico he is the top brass. He gets plenty of work with AAA and Lucha Underground that he truthfully doesn’t need WWE and to go through the rigors of changing his entire persona for the pursuit of WWE stardom.


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