What Your Preferred Clan in Vampire the Masquerade Says About You

I was sitting here thinking of two of my most popular articles. The first one was my best and worst clans from Vampire the Masquerade, which is still my most viewed article to this day, and what your D&D Class Says About You, which is right now in the top ten. With this being considered, I thought to myself, “Hell, let’s just combine them!” So this is me psychoanalyzing all of you once again with What Your Preferred Clan in Vampire the Masquerade says about you.

Basically, this is a series of observations, made by me, about my experience with playing Vampire the Masquerade and the people that I have played with. Knowing what a person enjoys playing the most says a lot about someone and where their general interests lie and this article is to commemorate that.

BUT before I get into this, let me set one ground rule. First and foremost, I will only be covering the thirteen main clans in Vampire the Masquerade. If you like playing a True Brujah, Cappadocian, or something like that for a modern day storyline, then basically you are a special snowflake who has a need to be special and different. No offense intended, but I don’t have time to write every clan and bloodline and I highly doubt that you want to read an internet article that could double as a doctoral dissertation. So with that said, let’s get into it.


If you are like me and Brujah is your main clan, odds are likely that you are an idealist. Passion is the heart and soul of the Brujah clan. You have strong opinions about politics, organizations, and you have no problem voicing them to the anyone who is willing to listen to you talk… And some who don’t want to listen to you talk. No matter what, a person who enjoys playing a Brujah the most is passionate about something and have no problem vocalizing it.

Typically speaking, I have noticed that a lot of people who enjoy philosophy and the political sciences have been the most comfortable within the rabble clan. Being a political scientist myself, the clan has always spoken to me… with good reason.


If you are a person who enjoys playing clan Malkavian, then odds are you are a fan of the Joker and just want to watch the world burn. As the book suggests, those who like playing clan Malkavian are those who are or perceive themselves to be in on some joke that others just are not in on.

People who enjoy playing clan Malkavian love the freedom that it offers in the same way that playing a chaotic neutral character offers freedom from much of the rules of alignment.


Similar to clan Malkavian, people who like to play Nosferatu seems to be in on some joke that the rest of us are not in on. The difference being that they are less wacky and silly about it and a bit more cynical.

I have noticed that a lot of people who like playing a Nosferatu have a nihilistic edge to them. Either that or they just really love being meta about the whole vampire thing. Either one works.


From what I have typically seen, Toreador are those who are a romantic at heart and those who enjoy the romantic aspects of vampires. These are the ones who are more in tune with the traditional Anne Rice vampire stories as well as other romantic stories like Vampire Diaries or Twilight. Don’t worry, you won’t get any hate on my end for the Twilight part. I may not like it, but if you are into it, that is your business.

But regardless, one of the joys and pitfalls of VtM is the fact that a lot of the world becomes dulled. Sex, passion, romance, art, and so forth are dulled to a vampire who has seen these things become dull. Clan Toreador is for people who still want to insert that aspect of their lives into the game an outlet to let out all of their feelings.


If you like to play primarily as a Tremere then there is a little darkness in you. Now, how much darkness is in you, who can say? Maybe you just like a good practical joke that gets a little physical or maybe you are a complete sociopath, I don’t know. I don’t want to know. But you certainly do have a little darkness in there and typically speaking I have noticed those who play Tremere are excellent with keeping secrets.

Due to the mystery and darkness of the Tremere, it is easy to see how those who either are that or crave that would be drawn to it.

Ventrue & Lasombra

I decided to put the Ventrue and the Lasombra together due to the fact that they are basically the same. It is one of the best parts of VtM and the creators that they made the ingenious rivalry and duality of the two clans. Both clans are perceived leaders of their sects, the Camarilla and Sabbat respectfully and they both enjoy control. It is just how they use this control that the two clans differ. Ventrue are more pragmatic, manipulative, and cold. They enjoy ruling quietly and to have the support of those around them. Lasombra are more dogmatic, overpowering, and passionate. They want those who follow them to fear them.

It is these qualities that attracts different players to the clans. They are the people who like to A) be in charge and B) play the role of the leader and chess player in courtly intrigue. They are typically Type A personalities who love to control things around them. Now, I should stress that these are not bad qualities, it is merely what people find fascinating about the clan and what they like to roleplay as. Ventrue and Lasombra are those who enjoy leading people like a general or world leader. How they do it is up to them.


You know that friend who is polite, friendly, and all around a sweet person. But you know that deep down they are capable of some pretty fucked up shit? That is the person who typically likes to primarily go with the Tzimisce.

Considering that the clan itself is capable of some rather depraved things, you would have to have some kind of mean streak in you to truly enjoy playing this clan as well as an active imagination. So word of advice, if your sweet little friend likes to primarily play as a Tzimisce, I would not look in their closet. You have no idea what you might find in there.


Assamites are an easy one. They are easy because Assamites were created for a very singular purpose and that purpose is vampire assassins. They are a very polarizing aspect of the game, but anyone who loves to be the badass assassin who lives, dies by the sword… And also it helps that they typical come with some cool and mysterious turkish name to go along with it or nickname that makes them sound extra cool.

ClanFollowersofSetTitleFollower of Set

I’ll just get this out of the way first, maybe people who choose to be a Setite enjoy Ancient Egyptian culture. Okay! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s go a little deeper than that.

Followers of Set, like Lasombra and Ventrue, enjoy controlling a game. But while Lasombra and Ventrue are more worried about politicking, people who like to play Setites like to control the people around them. They enjoy offering help in other people’s affairs, whether wanted or not and have a multitude of ways that they can go about the “healing process.” These are the people who try to get you to go out and indulge after a bad break up or are trying to convince you to come with them on some insane journey. Just like the Setites, they enjoy a little persuasion and manipulation.


Just as before when I mentioned that the Druid class is for the environmentalist in everyone, the same can be said for the Gangrel. Anyone who enjoys primarily playing as clan Gangrel has some sort of romantic connection with nature. Whether it be environmentalism, animals, or so forth.

It can also be a clan that can appeal to anyone who loves being the heavy hitter but doesn’t want to deal with all the idealism that the Brujah have to offer. Whichever floats your boat more, I suppose.


This one is tough. Giovanni are hard to pin down due to the fact that they are so unique in their design. I doubt that those who enjoy to play a Giovanni as their primary thoroughly enjoy incest, necromancy, and/or necrophilia. From what I have gathered, those who enjoy to go with the Giovanni as their primary clan are people who enjoy decadence.

These are the people who take the masquerade to a more literal sense. Typically these are the people who I see LARPing in beautiful dresses, suits, and wearing legitimate masquerade masks. Which would make sense. Coming from Venice and being more “elegant” and elitist than other clans, even the Ventrue which bolster high numbers while the Giovanni remain somewhat exclusive.


Personally speaking, I have a hard time locking down Ravnos due to the fact that I see so few people play them. In all the games that I have played, I have never met a person who loves to play a Ravnos primarily or at all for that matter.

The Ravnos, for all its racial failings, is still the clan of loners and illusionists. Typically if a person likes playing street urchins or downtrodden individuals are those who choose the Ravnos as their main clan.

Thank you for reading and as always if you enjoyed this review, please like and subscribe for more from me.

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