Tanner Reviews Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed

Akiba's_Trip_2_CoverWell… This was certainly an interesting experience. Typically  I stay away Japanese games. The style is just not my thing. If it is your, cool. But I am simply not one to enjoy it. But after a friend of mine started to play Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed I had to write a review of one of… the most unique video game experiences that I have ever had.

So put this the best way I can… You, as the protagonist, through shenanigans, become a semi vampire in a realm full of vampires. You can wonder out into the world during the day, but only if you are wearing clothes. So basically you, with your army of female friends, must go around town completing missions and ripping off people’s clothes to fight them… Yeah this shit is happening.


The Graphics are CuteAkiba's_Trip_2_combat_screenshot

It is your standard Japanese video game affair, complete with bright colors and JRPG style game interactions. But, all things considered, it is much more endearing in this video game than I have seen in others. Considering that I am quite used to games today that have very realistic looks and feels, it was a nice change of pace to see a game with a thoroughly anime look and feel to it.

It Knows What it is

For those who have been following me for years, you will know that I have a deep respect for games and movies that know what they are. If you are a game that meant to create some cheeky (no pun intended) clothes ripping fun. Then you might as well go all in! Which is exactly what the developers of this game did. They made a game that is pure, raunchy, and light-hearted fun.


All Style and No Substance

The plot may have you take on the role of this faux vampire who has to rip off the clothes of other vampires… But quite frankly the plot is barely present at best. What really seems to draw in the crowd is the gimmick, which we will get to momentarily, and beyond that the plot is there to make it more than just stripping fantasy fun. The game is quite superficial in that regard which gives it a substantial con.

downloadOne Note Game

Similar to the Deadpool game, the thing that brings you to this game is just about the only thing worth mentioning about it. The rest is somewhat generic or slightly better than generic. The gimmick is enough to bring people in to play the game, but it is a quick and fleeting interest before they move off to better and more lucrative gaming franchises. Tragically this game is just too generic beyond its premise to remembered for much more than the “clothes ripping Japanese game.”


This game is goofy and it knows it. There is something to be said about a game that is willing to be that outrageous with its premise. The graphics and gameplay also back up its silly premise.

However… Just like Deadpool the game, the premise, while fun and goofy, can get grating quick. The game may be silly, but after a few hours of silliness may very well send you running for the more serious games in quick fashion. It is worth a one time play, maybe a few times afterwards if it is your thing. But beyond that, it will quickly be gaining dust on your shelf.

Final Score 3/5

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One thought on “Tanner Reviews Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed”

  1. I enjoyed this game. A funny button basher that doesn’t overstay its welcome. A sequel is coming out in Japan. If it gets localized I would certainly give it a go.

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