Top 4 Reasons Why Reviewing Television Shows is a Pain in the Ass

For those who have been following the site for some time will know that I used to write reviews for televisions shows as well as movies and video games and as I’m sure most people will notice, I stopped reviewing them altogether and quite frankly, I have no intention of going back. The reasons fluctuate, but mainly the come down to two reasons. Number one, I’m not that big of a television fan and number two… Fans for television shows will cut your head off if you say anything bad about their baby. Movies and video games, I feed off the heat… But man… Television shows… That is a whole different kind of monster. So, I decided that I would play around with the potential reasons why people are so protective of their television shows. These are the Top 5 Reasons Why Reviewing Television Show are a Pain in the Ass.

download (1)4 While “Bad Movies” Live Forever, Most Horrendous Televisions Shows Die Quickly

Bad movies happen all the time. Trust me, I know. In a sort of masochistic sense I do enjoy a lot of them. But bad television shows are a different story. While reality television is a different kind of monster, many television shows with a narrative plot are ones that are actually decent enough to stand the test of time. Bad television shows, with a few exceptions, are canceled after a few episodes.

Who remembers the television show about the Geico Cave Men or the fact that Clarrisa Explains it All had a spin off in a more adult setting? Can anyone remember the Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer or that Baywatch had a supernatural serial drama spin off? REALLY bad television shows typically fail and are forgotten while bad movies are released in quicker succession. At the very least they are television shows good enough to attract a following of people who choose to watch it on a weekly basis or binge it on a streaming site. Because of this, you have a lot of people who will defend a television show vehemently if it lasts longer than one season.

3 A Movie is about Two Hours… A TV Series Season can Equal at a Minimum Twelve Hours

This one is just more of logistics for anyone who reviews anything. A movie takes about two hours to complete. It is quick and then you write the review. To review a television show could mean reviewing hours upon hours of content. Maybe one per week or watching all episodes and reviewing the entire season which is quite an undertaking. While a similar argument can be made about video games, at least with video games you are actively partaking in the experience. While a television show you are watching for hours on end.

download2 Routine Spawns Fanaticism

Let’s face it, TV shows are apart of your life. For those on television, you wait weeks or months at a time to watch your precious baby like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or so forth. You wait a year for your favorite series to create a new season on your streaming sites. Then you sit and you watch day after day or week after week and watch your favorite show then talk about it with all of the other fans.

That type of routine spawns fanaticism. To criticize a popular television show is like saying that part of your day, one of the parts you use to relax is absolute shit, and you should feel bad for liking it. To hear that… Doesn’t exactly set well in the minds of many. Which brings me to my final point…

1 Fandoms Can Be Like Head Hunters

People who fall in line with fandoms and have a fierce loyalty to a particular show do not take kind to you poking fun or criticizing your baby. Obviously they surf the interwebs looking for as much information as possible on their favorite television show that eventually someone stumbles upon a negative comment of their site… Well that is when shit gets real. The problems with fandom fanaticism will be a story for another day (possibly for NTSOE now on Project Derailed). But all things considered, these jaded fans are quick to let you know in an extremely worded fashion on all the ways that you are wrong and they are right when it comes to their favorite TV show. Taking into the fact that those who dislike the series are less likely to look stuff up, TV reviews tend to only draw negative ire from all parties involved.

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