Mini Review: Homefront the Revolution

Homefront,_The_Revolution_logoWell this was a waste of time. For those of you unaware, I had to make a trip out of town this weekend and as such I did not get a chance to churn out a great idea for a post. So basically, I decided to spend a few hours watching a video game on YouTube and giving my general thoughts on it for your reading pleasure. So… I decided to watch one of the newest games to come out, Homefront the Revolution… Well I wasted two hours of my life that I will never get back. I’ll be honest here, this seems like one of the most pointless sequels that I have ever seen. I cannot think of a single person who was asking for this game. Even fans of the quickly dying realistic FPS genre didn’t like the first game which was also a piece of shit. But here we are… starring at a reimagining of the original game and just from my personal experience, I truly hope the makers of this game at least got their money back just so it wasn’t a complete waste of their time as well.

So basically, this game is a reimagination of the first game in which North Korea successfully conquers the United States. It physically cannot happen with the number of people alone, but who the hell gives a shit? These guys sure didn’t. You take on the role of generic white man Ethan Brady who is apart of the mighty resistance cell. his platoon, in generic form, are wiped out by the North Koreans and he is saved by Sergeant Gruff Manbody himself, Benjamin Walker. The game then follows Brady as he tries to fight for the resistance.


This game is pointless. The first game sucked, nobody liked it, and now that the second one is out it is only there to zap what little interest is left in the series away. The characters are generic, the writing is generic, and in truth the realistic FPS genre is dying. The mere statement of Call of Duty makes people think of 13 year olds saying they want to fuck everyone’s mother. The game has become a joke and by association, all other games have become jokes as well. I, for one, am loving the fact that games like Overwatch have become popular while the hyper testosterone racism that is the realistic FPS genre are dying an agonizing death with this game going down with it.

Final Score: 0.5/5

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