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downloadFINALLY! I see something that is worth watching! After scowering the pages of Netflix looking for something worthwhile to watch, I came across an interesting little Indie film called Circle. A fascinating movie that delves into the realms of Twilight Zone science fiction horror as well as a genuine psychological experiment about the horrors of the human condition and what we, as a society, hold dear. I have to say that I am so happy that I stumbled upon this movie, it is quickly becoming a personal favorite of mine.

The story opens with 50 people wake up in a  black room, standing in red circles, and surrounding a gigantic black orb. They quickly learn that if they step out of the red circle, they are killed by the black orb. Every two minutes someone is killed, seemingly by random chance. After several deaths, they learn that they have the power to vote for the people who are going to die. As people begin dying every two minutes, either by random or by chance, the people in the room must decide who dies, what they are doing there, and if there is anyway for them to make it out of their situation alive.


They Look Like Peopledownload

This is a small pro and a slightly odd one at that, but one of the things that I found endearing to this movie is the fact that these fifty people look like… well… people. I mean no disrespect to the thousands of actors and actresses who entertain us year round, but it does grow tiresome to see several chiseled and well toned gods and goddesses on screen. This movie seems to have the idea that variety is the spice of life.

The fifty people in this movie range in size, race, aesthetic, and lifestyle choice. This is one of the key aspects of the film. But still, I cannot help but find the variety to be a pleasant change of pace.

Minimal Effort and Excellent Acting Can Go a Long Way

Let this be a lesson to filmmakers everywhere. The directors of this film, Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione took a small room with a decorated floor, a black ball in the center, a few special effects, and the acting abilities of fifty actors can make an excellent movie. Sometimes you do not need $250,000,000 budget in order to make a good movie. Sometimes you just need a great premise, a well written script, and a little bit of imagination to make a movie wonderful.

This movie could not have cost more than $1 million dollars tops and easily made one of the best psychological movies to come out in several years.

A Detailed Look into What People Value

The moral of this film is simple and executed masterfully. The whole idea of the film is to put fifty people of different walks of lives together for the sake of seeing what is it that humans value in life. People begin to decide who lives and who dies based on the age of an individual, their social standing, whether or not they lied to the group, whether or not they are racist, and so forth. The movie is a psychological study of what happens when people are forced to choose on morals and whether or not they hold to their morals or save their own skin.

I will not give away the ending, but I have to say that it may be bittersweet… But it certainly is satisfying when it is all said and done.


download (1)Movie Drags a Little Bit

This is bound to happen when you have a movie that is focused on one room and 50 different actors… The movie is going to start dragging on a little bit. There were multiple times in the film where I began to feel a sense of boredom as people began to be picked off one at a time. It begins to pick up around the third act of the film, but the second half of the film after the group wakes up just seems to drag on until something interesting begins to happen.

It is a minor con, the film is still a great watch from beginning to end. Just get ready to fight through a little monotony halfway through.


This movie was an absolute treat! It is easily one of the best psychological movies I have seen in a long time. It is a movie that is budgeted perfectly, the effects are wonderful, the casting is stellar, the acting is amazing, and overall this movie is just that damn good.

I recommend everyone, drop what you are doing, go to Netflix, and watch Circle. You will not be disappointed!

Final Score 4.5/5

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