Top 20 Most Overrated Wrestlers of All Time

oI am ready for the hate I am about to receive for this list. There are a number of wrestlers, both past and present, who receive WAY TOO MUCH adoration and praise from the fans for being sub par athletes, sub par on the mic, or are just plain dull. So this list is going to include 20 wrestlers and a few honorable mention who have received more praise then they deserve over the years. This is the Top 20 Most Overrated Wrestlers of All Time.

I should also state that this list will include wrestlers outside of the WWE sphere. While the primary focus is on WWE, WCW, and ECW talent due to the fact that this is a US centric list, you will also find wrestlers from NJPW, AAA, NWA, and so forth. With that said, I’m ready to prepare for the hate! Let’s get to some dishonorable mentions.

Dishonorable Mention
Perry Saturn: Saturn was great in the ring… But tragically he wasn’t great at anything else. A lack of charisma and mic skills finds him in the dishonorable mentions.

Ken Shamrock: While Ken Shamrock was certainly impressive, his gimmick was just an angry version of himself and he couldn’t go beyond that limited acting range.

Hiroyoshi Tenzan: I’ll be honest, I just think that Hiroyoshi Tenzan is a bad wrestler and bad entertainer. He makes up for it by being big and having hair straight out of the 80’s. That is it.

Tommy Dreamer: It breaks my heart to put Dreamer on here. I love the man, I really do. But this man’s abilities have been played up over the years for being an every man who knew how to swing a cane.

The Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Warrior is an easy mark for this list. He misses the list just due to the fact that people have acknowledged that he wasn’t that great, but had charisma.

download20 Low Ki

Low Ki, or by his other names Senshi and Kaval, is a decent wrestler. I will not take that away from him. But my praise for the man ends there. A lot of wrestling smarks see Low Ki as one of the best wrestlers who was never given a shot at being the star he truly deserved to be. But I see him as a man who caused hell wherever he went, forcing people to constantly letting him go, making him not worth the time and money that the promotions invested in him.

Low Ki got, what can be considered, his big break while wrestling for TNA and Ring of Honor. He certainly made a name for himself in the blossoming X-Division and became the first Ring of Honor Champion. Since that time he has hot potatoed from TNA, ROH, WWE, promotions in Japan, and all points in between making him one of the least reliable and most trouble wrestlers to be competing today.

download (1) - Copy19 Cibernetico

Cibernetico, for those unaware, is a wrestler from Mexico who has worked for AAA for quite some time. While I do understand that the man is decent, I doubt I would consider him one of the best workers of all time. I simply have never been impressed by his matches and he comes across as a strange character that works upper mid card angles. Not someone who you put the big belt around for any significant period of time.

Cibernetico is one of only eight wrestlers who have held the Mega Championship since its creation in 2007. He held the title for 222 days before vacating the title due to leaving the company. He has since returned to AAA, but should not sniff the belt again.

download (2) - Copy18 Sean Waltman

Whenever you created an term that refers to the fact that people are booing you because they are sick of seeing you, you know you belong somewhere special. Sean Waltman AKA X-Pac does deserve some credit for being a smaller wrestler who was able to crack through the glass ceiling and become an upper mid card star. However… To say that this was completely Sean Waltman’s work ethic is not entirely true.

Sean Waltman was an okay worker who knew how to tap into the cynical and raunchy nature that made the Attitude Era famous and backed it up with good workmanship. However, outside of the Attitude Era, Sean Waltman could not adapt and quickly found himself creating “X-Pac heat.” Waltman has his relationship with the Kliq as another primary reason that the man is seen with such fond eyes today.

20130225_642xvariable_NXT-SSpg-template-adrienne - Copy17 Adrian Neville

OH BOY I am ready for hate for this one! Recently, Neville has hit a snag with WWE being aimless in the mid card before an ankle injury sidelined him for a significant period of time. Many fans believe that Neville is a man who deserves to be a star competing for the WWE championship on a regular basis. I think he is right where he needs to be.

Adrian Neville is a work horse in the ring, you will get no arguments there. But his look and his charisma are desperately lacking. He sucks away all imaginable charisma on the mic and his look doesn’t scream main event talent as much as it screams impressive high flying baby face who may sniff the World Championship once in a blue moon. While I can respect him for putting on stellar matches, he certainly does not deserve to be a consistent main event superstar like the internet has been crying for for the past few years.

download (3) - Copy16 Awesome Kong

She may have been intimidating, but Awesome Kong’s flame burned out and left very little to be desired. Sure, she was a major player in TNA. But that is like saying you were the star quarterback of your division three club football team. It just doesn’t really mean anything, does it?

Awesome Kong’s time in WWE was brief and wherever she went, problems were quick to follow. Awesome Kong may have had the look, but the attitude kept her from being anything worthwhile and her value was not high to begin with when wrestlers like Nia Jax were more than willing to step up in their place.

Katsuyori_Shibata_NEVER_Openweight_Champion15 Katsuyori Shibata

Oh… I am going to get so much shit for this one. I feel like I am going to be writing this a lot… But either way. Listen, I know Katsuyori Shibata is great in the ring and when you are in a business like New Japan Pro Wrestling, your in-ring skills are 90% of the game. I also get that he is stellar. I AM NOT SAYING that Katsuyori Shibata is bad or not deserving of being a top tier talent of NJPW. Where Shibata falls short is the company that he keeps and who he is compared to in a historical sense.

Keep in mind that Katsuyori Shibata was apart of “The Three Muskateers” in the late 90’s early 2000’s. They were a group of wrestlers who came out at the same time and were thought to be the future of Japanese pro-wrestling. These three men were Katsuyori Shibata, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Shinsuke Nakamura. Soon following those three Kazuchika Okada came into the mix as well. Now! Out of those four wrestlers, who is the one who has the least to show? Tanahashi, Nakamura, and Okada have gone on to be legends in the pro wrestling industry. All three of which are future hall of famers. What happened to Katsuyori Shibata? He left New Japan for a career in mixed martial arts similar to that of Brock Lesnar. This run in mixed martial arts amounted to 4 wins, 10 losses, and 1 draw. Due to a unsuccessful run in mixed martial arts fighting, Shibata returned to pro wrestling where he has taken the NEVER division by storm. He is a great wrestler, make no mistake about it. But compared to the other wrestlers who he came up with… He is tragically the weak link of the bunch.

download (4) - Copy14 Juventud Guerrera

This one is strangely satisfying to write about. Juventud Guerrera was a popular lucha libre that made the jump to WCW during the height of its Cruiserweight division. He since transferred over to the WWE and once there, the man began to wreak untold havoc around the backstage area. He would constantly perform moves banned by the WWE, he demanded to be treated like a superstar on the level of The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin, and was generally an unpleasant person to be around. The rub of it truly was… He honestly wasn’t that great.

I know he is more popular in Mexico, but I have watched him in WCW, WWE, and Mexico promotions. What I can say with a great degree of certainty is that Juventud Guerrera isn’t that good. Sure, he is decent. I can’t argue with that. But he is just kind of… there. Easily a great mid-card act but nothing on par with Rey Mysterio Jr., Stone Cold Steve Austin, or The Rock. This one is more of a self-imposed overrated, but still overrated none the less to the few people who still support him.

download (5) - Copy13 Sean O’Haire & Mark Jindrak

I tried to decide which one should be higher on this list and after due consideration, I realized that they are on here for the same reason, so why not put them together as a matched set so that I can give a little love to Perry Saturn and Low Ki.

Look, I do get it. When WWE bought WCW, they took their sweet time burying anyone who had anything to do with WCW. DDP was made a stalker and completely irrelevant, Booker T was wasted until he put on the silly “king” gimmick, Rob Van Dam was held back, and the list goes on. But tragically there are some wrestlers who were gratefully buried. I do understand that Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak looked like WWE guys. They had impressive physiques and could be decent wrestlers. But beyond that, they were just plain vanilla. They had abs, sure, but the rest of them was so generic that there was nothing that stood out worth noting. Many wrestling fans from that time remember the two as men railroaded by the Vinnie Mac Express. But, in this writers opinion, they would have been given the same boot if they were WWE born and raised.

download (6) - Copy12 Mike Awesome

I think a lot of us who were around when ECW was a thing should accept some bittersweet facts. Paul Heyman is an amazing booker. He is probably the greatest of all time when it came to building talent. Where this starts to get a little sour is the fact that when someone like Paul Heyman was so good at booking, it means that he makes shit talent look decent and decent talent look like stars. It is the reason why people like Public Enemy looked good in ECW and nowhere else. It is the reason why Justin Credible and Jerry Lynn were able to be pushed to World championship status. While some wrestlers were naturally stellar like Raven, Rob Van Dam, and so forth… Some could only be good while working for Paulie. This is where Mike Awesome comes into play.

Listen, the Fat Chick Gimmick and 70’s dude was absolute shit and a man like Awesome did not deserve that treatment. But was Mike Awesome main event tier wrestler like ECW portrayed him? Not even close. Paul Heyman was able to show off his stellar aspects, but anywhere else, he was just a good looking bland guy with a decent move set. Mike Awesome is just another representation of the amazing booking skills of Paul Heyman.

download (7) - Copy11 Montel Vontavious Porter

I do not like MVP. I have never liked MVP, I never will like MVP, and the fact that the man constantly makes trouble wherever he goes only adds fuel to my fire. For the life of me, I do not know what people see in him and his ugly looking one piece wrestling suit complete with build in shorts. MVP is decent on the stick and is somewhat athletic, but MVP is far from anything beyond solid midcard act and I do not even mean high mid car or low mid card. He needs to be square in the middle and never leave there… If he could stay with a promotion for longer than a few years.

download (8)10 Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Sorry Chavo, you knew this was coming. Chavo Guerrero Jr has a lot of things to thank for him being such a popular name. He is apart of the illustrious Guerrero family lineage, he is excellent in the ring, and he is the nephew of Eddie Guerrero. If you removed the Guerrero name and relationship to Uncle Eddie, Chavo would not have been even close to the well known talent that he is today.

Chavo just doesn’t have the charisma of his other family members. He is a good wrestler, but he just doesn’t have “it” to be a main event talent. Yet, due to his name, he is pushed to upper mid card, main event status in most places he goes. Chavo may be one of the members of the SmackDown Six and part of a stellar lineage… But he has had a lot of help from nepotism along the way.

download (9) - Copy9 Brock Lesnar

I am not a Brock Lesnar fan. I have never been a Brock Lesnar fan and I never will be a Brock Lesnar fan. The wrestling life is one that requires a certain amount of desire and love for the industry. Brock Lesnar does not have that. He does not care for the industry, to him it is just a job in which he gets to beat up things. I can’t fault him for it, but I don’t see why I should give him adoration over others like Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens when the man would be doing anything else if he could.

But that is somewhat minimal compared to the reason why Brock Lesnar makes it on this list. The fact of the matter is that he just isn’t very good. He has near zero mic skills which is why they need Paul Heyman to say everything for him and to be true, his rings skills are somewhat sloppy… Which in truth does benefit his character for being a sloppy worker because his moves look like the legit hurt. Probably because they do legit hurt. The man is a gorilla of a human being, but I do not think he is one of the greatest of all time nor do I think that he deserves any conversation towards that honor.

download (10) - Copy8 Carlito

Carly Colon, aka Carlito Caribbean Cool, is one of those wrestlers that I simply grow tired of reading and seeing. I understand that that he has an impressive lineage, he was a decent wrestler in the ring, and he had great mic skills. But the fact of the matter is that terrible booking did not end his career, it was his attitude that killed his career and that is something that someone needs if they want to do anything in any sort of business.

An appropriate attitude and desire to be the best can push sub par work to new heights. At the same time, having no drive and no will can make a decent wrestler look like crap. Carlito is the kind of guy that is destined for the mid card. He is a guy who didn’t deserve anything above that and I do believe that Carly would agree with me as long as he was getting a decent check out of it.

download (11)7 Akebono

Why does Akebono get all the support, adoration, and main event pushes that he gets? I get that he is big, but the man cannot work any kind of match. He gingerly falls on the canvas whenever anyone hits a move, he no sells most offense due to the fact that he is so big and winded walking to the ring, and he is overall just terrible in the ring. Akebono may have been a legendary sumo wrestler, but the novelty should not equate to massive main event pro wrestling success. Say what you will about the Big Show, at least he can work a match and sell moves, unlike Akebono who just sort of lays on the ground after he has performed his one move. This man needs to be mentioned in terrible big guy wrestlers like The Great Khali, Giant Gonzalez, and Kurrgan.

download (12)6 Scott Hall

A lot of people attribute the fact that Scott Hall did not progress farther towards the main event scene to his drug and alcohol problem. I attribute it to the fact that the man wasn’t very good. I am not a heartless prick, I do hope Scott Hall is clean and keeps himself clean but the fact is that he wasn’t that great when it came to his in ring work.

He, like his friend Kevin Nash, focused more on his mic skills and networking as a way to progress himself further in the industry as opposed to his wrestling skills. Without the Kliq or the fact that he was the third guy in the nWo, I doubt Scott Hall would have progressed much further than mid card act with his career.

download (13)5 The Fabulous Moolah

The Fabulous Moolah is a WWE legend who is said to have held the Women’s Championship for the company for close to ten years. However, what WWE fails to mention is the fact that Moolah would constantly undermine her opponents to keep her title going and the reign was broken several times but the WWE don’t count it because title history was a little fuzzy in those days. Moolah was actually somewhat of a terrible person when she was champion, she would allegedly pimp women out of her wrestling school and do anything to make sure she stayed on top. For someone so decorated by WWE, she sure had a few skeletons in her closet.

download (14)4 The Sandman

Listen… I know that the Sandman is a beloved ECW treasure. I understand that he beat himself with a cane, chugged beers, and wowed the rabid ECW crowd. But let’s be honest here. If ECW had not of existed, the Sandman would not have been known past small time hardcore promotions like Combat Zone Wrestling and Juggalo Championship Wrestling. The man looked like a deranged Gary Busey (AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING), his matches were nothing more than him beating people with various objects, and on a technical level he is on par with wrestlers like The Great Khali. He was perfect for the 90’s ECW atmosphere… But beyond that, he is overrated as a great wrestler.

download (15)3 Kevin Nash

If you want to know my feelings on Kevin Nash, I can pretty much describe it as such: I absolutely loved the Ricochet vs. Will Osprey match. I loved every single second of it and it what I look for in wrestling. The idea that that isn’t wrestling but a man like Kevin Nash plotting along the ring and hitting big boots is wrestling is an insult to people everywhere.

I give Kevin Nash credit for being a great politician. The man took the fact that he was big and he was good at networking and turned himself into a wrestling icon. I always found his mic skill to be generic “I’m too cool for this” and his wrestling skill to be generic slow moving imposing big man. He has certainly made a name for himself in the business and I won’t deny him that, but I refuse to include him in the list of greatest wrestlers of all time.

download (16)2 Hulk Hogan

I know… This is an easy mark for most overrated wrestlers of all time. I get that. But that doesn’t make it any less so. Hulk Hogan may have sweated charisma but as far as wrestling was concerned, he was mediocre at best. He let his charisma push him forward, carried an old move set throughout his career, and finished his career as one of the most decorated and well known wrestlers of all time. I will even go so far as to say that his charisma and set was not much to talk about either. He was actually somewhat one note and didn’t change his ways until WCW made the change late in his career. He is a legend… But I can’t help but think someone else would be better in the role.

download (17)1 Goldberg

That is right! I think that the greatest thing that WCW ever created was nothing more than a well built sluggish rip off. Goldberg’s streak did much for professional wrestling, there is no denying. But let’s face it, beyond the fact that the streak was exaggerated, it was also there because Goldberg could not go beyond one minute squash matches. He was never that good in the ring, his look was a rip off of the much more talented Stone Cold Steve Austin, and once more he wasn’t a fan of wrestling. Wrestling was secondary after his time with the Atlanta Falcons didn’t work.

The guy eventually did become a better worker, but by that time WWE had ruined any chance he had at a push and the man stepped away from pro wrestling. The man may be part of wrestling history, but he is still the most overrated wrestler of all time.

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