Mystery Science Theater 3000 is Back!

This article was originally posted on Project Derailed.

downloadMystery Science Theater 3000 has returned and I, for one, am the happiest son of a bitch on this planet! For some of our younger readers who might know of the awesome sauce that is MST3K, MST3K is the original riff show in which Joel Hodsgon/Mike Nelson and their robot friends on board the Satellite of Love would tear into terrible movies in some of the funniest 90 minutes of television each week. The series originally aired from 1988-1999 and would later spawn the internet sensation, Rifftrax. Well, after a Kickstarter campaign, MST3K received more than enough backers and has returned for our viewing pleasure! Joel and the Bots are well underway to creating twelve brand new episodes which will be released in the up and coming months!

I implore all fans of cinema out there, if you want to watch a piece of history then watch the new episodes of MST3K coming out in the next coming months. I recommend you check out all the information on their official webpage here.

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