Top Ten Most Unpopular Pokemon

Well, considering that I just wrote about my favorite Pokemon of all time, it did get me thinking… There are some Pokemon out there that are loved by everyone. Those special Pokemon that just have the look that generates amorism among the community. They are your Growlithes, your Umbreons, your Charizards, and your Greninjas… But there are some out there, that are not enjoyed by others. There are some Pokemon out of the 721+ that people just do not like. It is bound to happen that there will be some that are loved and some that are hated… So this list is to commemorate Pokemon that are not enjoyed by the community of players, the Most Unpopular Pokemon.

I will say that this list will be a Top 10 list, however, some sections will feature multiple Pokemon, due to the fact that their infamy is shared among an evolution tree or for the same reasons. So with that said, here are a few honorable mentions before you reach the infamous ten.

Honrable Mention
Throh & Sawk

download10 Unown

We start off this list with a novelty Pokemon from generation 2. Unown is a Pokemon that surprisingly gets a lot of attention. It has an entire section of the Johto dedicated called the Ruins of Alph, they have entire movies centered around them, and they are the subject of a some infamous creepypasta. That doesn’t take away from the fact that Unown… Kind of sucks in every other way.

It is a novelty, they are meant to be there to collect the entire alphabet and then once you collect them all, catch the exclamation point and question mark, and then they waste away in your box to never be touched again. They can only know one move, hidden power, which makes them completely useless in battle. They do not evolve and beyond the Ruins of Alph mysteries, there is little other purpose for them. It is novelty for the sake of blatant novelty and at this point, Pokemon fans are expecting a little more from their novelty Pokemon.

download9 Purugly

To put it simply, Purugly is just… well… ugly. I get that that is kind of the theme of the Pokemon. But considering the fact that it evolves from Glameow, the novelty just doesn’t work. Players expect their Pokemon to get either cooler or more badass looking as they evolve and it is a pattern that players do not want to change. This, more than likely, makes Glameow one of the most least evolved Pokemon that can still see an evolution.

download (1)8 Aromatisse

This is a Pokemon that gets a lot of hate due to their look and how they were encountered. When Gen 6 brought us Fairy type Pokemon, people were generally stoked. Sylveon lead the charge for new Fairy type Pokemon in popularity, but Sylveon was not the first fairy type that character encountered. No, the first Pokemon people typically encountered from fairy types was Spritzee. A tiny little Pokemon that evolved into Aromatisse. Aromatisse suffers from the Purugly syndrome that its previous evolutionary stage sold us on a Pokemon that we did not get. The look of Aromatisse is just odd and doesn’t fit with its evolutionary chain. It was a lackluster way to introduce players to fairy type Pokemon which brings it a great deal of anger.

download (2)7 Chansey & Miltank

The funny thing about these two is the fact that Chansey and Miltank can be popular… Unless you are fighting them in a Pokemon battle. That is when the two become absolutely legendary.

Miltank, in particular Whitney’s Miltank, will be the bane of any gen 2 player’s existence with its combination of attract and rollout leaving your squad completely useless. Chansey, in a similar sense, is a Pokemon that is surprisingly a fucking tank. With a combination of strong HP stats and moves that can leave a Pokemon completely useless, these two Pokemon are a pain in the ass for anyone who has the misfortune of facing them. To the point that you will be pulling out your own hair and repairing your DS that you threw across the room in disgust.

maxresdefault6 Simisage, Simisear, & Simipour

Pokemon players tend to be forgiving when it comes to Pokemon. If you are creating 150 or close to it Pokemon a generation, you know that a few will be a little… Dodgy. But Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour as well as their early evolution forms just come across as a lazy tactic to fill out the generation 5 roster by including a few failed starter Pokemon concepts. Considering that several Pokemon in the game can include the descriptions like “Ice Cream Pokemon” and “Magnet Pokemon”, “leaf monkey,” “fire monkey,” and “water monkey” doesn’t sound so far fetched (lol). But, tragically, even if it isn’t the worst concept, their blatant failed starter status earns them a spot on this list.

download (3)5 Probopass

Look at this thing. Just fucking look at it. It is like Mario fucked an Easter Island Head. Nosepass, in and of itself, is not a great Pokemon, design wise. But it isn’t terrible and has its place as a novelty. But after Nosepass got an evolution that included a fucking rock head complete a head, giant nose, and big bushy mustache… Well everything just sort of went down from there with a look that could not ever be taken seriously.

download (4)4 Vanilluxe

I will say before getting into Vanilluxe and its evolution stages that Pokemon get creative when it comes to concepts. These, more odd concepts, include magnets, a clutch of eggs, a haunted sword, and the alphabet. But when it comes to “are you out of fucking ideas?!” Pokemon, none is more infamous than Vanilluxe.

Myself personally, I never really cared, mainly due to the fact that strange concept Pokemon existed before Vanilluxe and will be made after Vanilluxe… But honestly, I do get how people can be upset with this thing. It is nothing more than sentient ice cream.

download (5)3 Jynx

Listen, there are so many problems with Jynx and I think the entire Pokemon world has just accepted that this is just one big mistake that is best left buried deep in our psyche. For starters, Jynx is the subject to several racial claims that occurred when Pokemon was in its infancy. The backlash behind the, hopefully ignorant, portrayal of blackface saw Jynx’s color design completely changed.

But even with the color change, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Jynx is just annoying and buried deep within the uncanny valley. It is one of those humanoid Pokemon in the game. The kind that makes you think long and hard about the possibility of a person getting freaky with a Ditto. They all fit in the uncanny valley and Jynx is the worst culprit of that. Not only that, Jynx also has the longest cry out of all the Pokemon in the Pokemon world. It is about 3-5 seconds long and is like nails on a damn chalkboard.

download (6)2 Garbodor

While there are people who look at Vanilluxe and say “eh I can see the appeal in a cute novelty sort of way” there is nobody on this planet coming to the aid of Garbodor. This Pokemon is trash… IN A LITERAL SENSE! It is nothing more than sentient trash. Not only is it sentient trash, it is over designed sentient trash. It is spewing various putrid trash fluids, its limbs are made of straws, and it just looks completely unpleasant. Which yeah, that is the aim, but Muk was also meant to be unpleasant but at least Muk had personality. Garbodor just needs to stay in the trash where it belongs… Though Trubbish can come out. It is okay.

download (1)1 Zubat

Could it be any other? Zubat is the Pokemon that is infamously frustrating. Without the use of a repel, every cave is littered with these little bastards that will harass you every two fucking steps. The funny thing is that it has gotten so bad that Zubat has just become a running joke over the years of notoriously abundant Pokemon. While it is a Pokemon that is easy to take out and its infamy has had an endearing factor, its annoying and irritating status will always follows this Pokemon until the franchise dies hundreds of years into the future.

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