Mini Review: Telltale’s Batman Episode 1

batman_telltale_games_logoI want to say, EVEN BEFORE I start to write the intro, that this is NOT a complete review of the entire game! I want to save that tasty little treat for when I have been able to play all five episodes of the game in order to give a truly all encompassing review. What I am attempting to review here is the initial first impressions that the game has given me, nothing more. With that being said, after The Walking Dead, I have been chomping at the bit to get a chance to play TellTale’s take on the Caped Crusader. While the concept has been a little odd for me, I am ready to see what else they have to offer with the next four episodes.

So in TellTale’s version of Batman, we find ourselves in our awkward Batman stage where he is known by the people… But isn’t quite accepted by the cops. Also some of his villains are in that weird sort of “needs to blossom” stage. You get the picture. We get a nice “meet cute?” of Catwoman and Batman as Catwoman is trying to steal a disk of some kind but is ultimately unsuccessful.

In the world of Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent or Neo-Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is running for mayor of Gotham against the corrupted Mayor Hill and Wayne is backing him up financially and philosophically. The two piss off the corrupt Carmine Falcone when Bruce Wayne is unwilling to play ball with the man which leads us into a, majority Bruce Wayne doing Wayne stuff, and a little bit of Batman sprinkled in for good measure.


This game is so far hit and miss in every since of the word. It is interesting to see TellTale try to tackle Batman. Especially since their bread and butter is in the realms of character drama with a little hint of action. It is one of the main reasons why The Walking Dead was so effective. The parts with Bruce Wayne are interesting… But we have 75% Bruce Wayne and 25% Batman, which is a percentage I am not a fan of when I play a Batman game. It is intriguing though and good to see another side of Batman.

Some of the parts of the game are exceptionally well done like the scenes with Bruce Wayne and Carmine Falcone. But then you have scenes when Batman and Catwoman realize who they are and start in on some of the MOST ham fisted dialogue that you can imagine. The Batman fight moments are great made challenging by simply having you press shift and Q while you are trying to do QTE and one hand is on the mouse. It is too early to tell where this is going to go, but as of Episode one, it finds itself square in the middle.

Score as of Now 2.5/5

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