Tanner Reviews TellTale Batman Episode 2

downloadSo considering the fact that I already reviewed the first episode of TellTale’s Batman, I thought I might as well do all five and then come with a final conclusion when the game is concluded. With that being said, this episode was certainly an improvement with less hamfisted dialogue, more Batman, and a bit more tension then what the first one had to offer. While there were still some problems with it, there is a bright glimmer of hope for the video game.

After finding a blood bath at the end of the last game and Bruce Wayne’s family being accused of corruption, Bruce revisits the place where his parents were killed and it is learned that Thomas Wayne was actually corrupt and working with Falcone and Mayor Hill. After learning this, he goes to talk to Falcone, but Falcone is assassinated by a cop who was drugged by the similar substance found in the first game. Batman eventually learns that there may be a hit on the debate between Dent and Hill that night orchestrated by his former friend, The Penguin. Batman then teams up with Catwoman in order to save the day.


This episode was certainly a step up from the first episode. While the first episode was hampered by a lot of exposition, the lack of Batman in a Bruce Wayne melodrama doesn’t exactly inspire Batman fans to cry for joy. In this episode, we got much more action as well as a true exposition of the plot and less shadows. There was certainly still some hamfisted dialogue. Harvey’s “face puns” was painful as he forced his way through most of them. I couldn’t tell if he was going to become Two Face or not. He was being too fucking subtle. Beyond that, it was still pretty cool. Skinny sexy Penguin is also irritating to me. Apparently one of the main villains can’t be chubby in anyway because fuck you.

It is interesting to see where the story is going to go though, but after this episode, I have to say that I wasn’t blown away… But I am certainly optimistic.

Score from Episode 1: 2.5/5

Score from Episode 2: 3/5

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