Mini Reviews: 10 Cloverfield Lane, London Has Fallen, and Dark Souls III

The year is creeping towards the end and with that comes the best and worst of 2016. As always, there are a few movies and video games that I catch late or just lose track of time and forget to review. While a review of Firewatch will be coming up soon, there is a multitude of stuff that I just decide to cover in little mini reviews. Typically I do this in December, but since I have nothing better to write about today, I decided to just go ahread and throw three up to give a quick and dirty review on.

10_cloverfield_lane10 Cloverfield Lane

I’m going to be a curmudgeon again. This movie has received generally good reviews and held a percentage on Rotten Tomatoes that was well into the 90’s. I can see the appeal of it, but the whole clausterphobic bunker thing just wasn’t really what I was looking for as a sequel to the original Cloverfield which was, at the time, unique and grandiose. It feels as if a reverse The Purge and went from this insular premise to a cool grandiose one, this series has gone from cool grandiose intrigue to a low budget tight bunker film.

Final Score: 2.5/5

london_has_fallen_posterLondon Has Fallen

Olympus Has Fallen was not a well reviewed movie by me. It was a poor man’s Die Hard, with a less talented Gerard Butler on the main cast, and came across as more of a jingoist terrorsploitation film that told little to no story. London Has Fallen is the sequel… I don’t know what else to really say. It is the same damn thing just in London this time. It is a lazy movie that hopes that the power of Morgan Freeman will be enough to shield the fact that it is an absolutely terrible movie.

Final Score: 1/5

dark_souls_3_cover_artDark Souls III

What is there to say about Dark Souls that hasn’t already been said? The original game in the franchise is going to be known as an iconic game of its time. It was the game made for hardcore gamers in a day and age when video games have become much less challenging and much more easily digestible by the masses. The second installment of the game started to give a little more hand holding and the increased hand holding continues in Dark Souls III. Now don’t get me wrong, from what I have seen the game is still a challenge. But as time and popularity continues to grow, captialism dictates that you need to widen your clientele. With that, the fangs of Dark Souls will continue to be filed down. It is certainly the weakest of the three, but still an absolutely solid play through.

Final Score: 3.5/5

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