Tanner Reviews Overwatch

overwatch_cover_art_pcSo it is finals week and as such, I am fucking busy most of the hours of my life. As such keeping up with the post was incredibly difficult. But I think I am finally back on some kind of decent track and as such, I am going to talk about what might easily be one of the best games I have played in recent years. When Overwatch first came out, I didn’t initially get into the hype as I don’t tend to with most things. Pragmatism has its pros and cons just as everything. But after my girlfriend Kitty, being the awesome person that she is, got me the game, I have been hooked for the past couple of weeks. This thing is fucking awesome and easily a true ray of sunlight in an otherwise bleak year of 2016 in video gaming and otherwise.

Overwatch’s story is less told in the game and more told in short videos as well as comics posted about the game. The game itself is just an arena based first person shooter. The story of Overwatch is a story that is set in the near future. After the creation of sentient AI Omnics, robots do what robots inevitably do and turn on humanity creating the Omnic crisis. A group of soldiers from around the world were put together to form the Overwatch Organization meant to fight the Omnic threat. Soon Omnics and humans began to coexist but Overwatch was disbanded and made illegal for a number of different reasons. The game itself takes place after the assassination of a prolific Omnic who was promoting peace among people. That is how our story begins.

The Mature Successor to Team Fortress 2images

I’m a huge fan of Team Fortress 2 as anyone would know. It was one of the first first person shooters that truly took the concept and made it outlandish and fun instead of stupidly realistic and hyper competitive. It was goofy, slapstick, and by all accounts silly. The characters had personality and it was a revolutionary game. Though… I do have to admit that has the years have worn on, Team Fortress 2 slapstick nature does feel a little immature. NOW! I am not saying that the game is childish or anything like that. What I am saying is that the game just became to goofy and that it was time to still have loud and bombastic fun… But to still have a mature setting. Case and point: Overwatch.

Overwatch is, by all accounts, the spiritual successor to Team Fortress 2. The game is loud, it is fun, but more importantly, it is a much more mature game. The story is quite serious but has room for comedy. The setting is realistic, but has a lot of room for fun. It is a well tailored game to continue the fun first person shooter, taking the baton brilliantly from the now dying Team Fortress 2.

The Expanded Universe

Just like games like Team Fortress 2, one of the best parts of this game is the expanded universe that is outside of the game. Each of the characters has an intense back story that fits into this impressively built universe. The world comes to life and all of it feels both foreign and new. The expanded universe of Overwatch is an absolute must for anyone who are fans of the game. Their is so much personality and so much backstory that goes into every game. There are mounds of hidden easter eggs as well throughout the game that tells such a great story. Please, once you finish reading this, go check it out.

downloadIt is Fun for everyone

The quick play and competitive play sections are absolutely brilliant. I’m a casual player. I don’t give a rats ass about competitive, I never have, I never will. It just does not appeal to me. So it always irritates me when I have to deal with hyperly aggressive twat wagons who are taking a fun game way too seriously.

This way, those people can have their competitive arena and I can have my quick play arena. I can still have fun and not worry about my stats and the competitive guys can go off and maximize their efficiency. So definite props!


This game is a masterpiece and it is going to be a game that we are going to be playing and talking about for the next couple of years. It is so much fun and it brings the first person shooter and the fun bombastic shooter back to life with an immersive world, an amazing universe, and a more mature game that keeps those who love these games alive. This may very well be the Game of 2016.

Final Score 5/5

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