Tanner Reviews Mafia III

mafia_iii_cover_artSo, I was hoping to make this a longer review, but finals week has thrown me into the study zone so I have to cut my homage short. I want this review to be a special thanks to Premiere Videos who has been the cornerstone of most of my Triple A reviews over the past couple of years. They closed down recently, robbing me of excellent gaming in the near future, which brings a somber tear to my eye. You will be missed Premiere Video. Streaming has ended you as well as Blockbuster. Such a shame it has to be with such a forgettable game as Mafia III. I am kind of glad this review is going to be short. At least all I have to do is sit back and say: “Well wasn’t Grand Theft Auto grand? Why don’t we make a cheap knock off with no sense identity, awareness, or tact.”

Mafia III is the story of hamfisted protagonist (Abraham) Lincoln (Cassius) Clay, a young orphan who was adopted by the black mod in the 1960’s. After returning home from the Vietnam War, Lincoln learns that his father and brother are in a gang war with a man named Don Marcano who thinks Lincoln should lead the crime family now that is dad is getting older. He refuses out of respect and Marcano is completely cool with it, I’m sure this won’t turn into generic plot point stab in the back. He teams up with his his son Giorgi and the two set off for a heist together. However, sure enough, Marcano turns on you and kills your father and brother and you must do what you can to revenge your family against the evil mobsters.


Not only is this game the living embodiment of all things wrong with the Triple A industry, it is also horrifically racist. Yes, you need to use certain language and what not to set the tone of the 1960’s. But it becomes quite clear that, after dropping the language disclaimer, that the primarily white writing and directing staff took great glee in using as many racial slurs as they could to fit an entire game.

As far as gameplay is concerned, it is fine. It is generic, brings nothing new to the table, and only serves as a way of making cheap money off the fame of GTA instead of try anything new. Essentially, this game is a big pile of decent looking worthlessness that will only be remembered by the fifteen people that actually liked it.

Final Score 2/5

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