Cheesy Romance Month: Mini Review: Cruel Intentions

cruel_intentions_ver1So yeah… My life has gotten insanely busy recently and tragically I ran out of time to write a full review for this one. So I apologize for this one. But all things considered, you aren’t really missing much. This is the 1990’s when shallow remakes of classic literature reigned supreme. As such, Cruel Intentions may very well be the worst of them all. A story about an upper class kids being assholes to one another, the movie is downright unwatchable even when you are one of the people who are the target demographic. It is no wonder that this movie has quickly been lost to the sands of time. 


This movie isn’t worth the time of day and is best left as one of the forgotten realms of 90’s movies locked up with She’s All That and You’ve Got Mail. It is painfully boring, it is about a bunch of little shit lords, and the movie is too shallow to have any sort of worthwhile story. This is one to best stay away.

Final Score: 0.5/5

Sorry for the short review. I’ll be back Sunday with a full review AND a new episode of Crit or Miss.

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