Mini Review: The Bye Bye Man

The_Bye_Bye_Man_posterYou know, I still do film reviews on this site. It has been a mixed bag of a year considering that I have been putting a lot of my attention on my academics and the new video series Crit or Miss (WHICH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO TO YOUTUBE TO SUBSCRIBE TO AND WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS!!!!!!). But I am still here to review some movies. Tragically I haven’t had much of a shot to get to the movies so the reviews have been lacking a little. But fear not! I will be returning to the big screen soon! But for now, let’s check out one that I had to watch on my tiny ass flat screen, The Bye Bye Man. Boy… Was this one an absolute pain in my ass…


This movie is terrible… But I think everyone is going to know it was terrible. You cannot look at the name “The Bye Bye Man” and think this was going to be anything other than January shit film. It is stupid, it is PG13 horror which is the worst kind of horror movie, it is sanitized, their is heavy producer influence that removes anything worthwhile, the editing is terrible, the plot is terrible, and the acting is terrible. What Carrie-Anne Moss and Faye Dunaway are doing in this movie is beyond me. Someone should make sure that STX Entertainment isn’t holding their families hostage.

The only reason this isn’t getting the dreaded zero is because I knew what this was going into it. Everyone did. I doubt anyone will muster up a defense for this thing either. So there you go.

Final Score: 0.5/5

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