From the Vaults: Transformers Animated

Transformers_Animated_AutobotsSo, as you all are sure aware, I am a huge fan of Transformers. The G1 series is intricate to my childhood and I still am nostalgic for it to this day.  While I do love it, I do admit that just about everything that was released of Transformers after the fact… Kind of sucks. Beast Wars was solid until it went back to Cybertron. But beyond the the best I can come up with is Transformers: Prime which is… Okay… Just okay. And don’t even get me started on the fucking Michael Bay movies… Well… Almost everything. There is one other show that I do love from the Transformers line that came up after the fact and that show is Transformers: Animated.

Yet strangely enough this is a series that is not looked upon fondly for some reason. Often considered to be too “kid friendly” and a little silly, Transformers: Animated doesn’t typically get brought up when you talk about the greatness of Transformers… Which is a shame considering the show is fucking solid! So today we are going to open up the vault to make a case for Transformers: Animated being an underrated gem.

It was a Show that Dared to Make Prime a Challenged Leader… Instead of All Powerful

One of the major things that I love about this story is it is the first show or movie that truly takes the leadership away from Prime in a way that made him less of an omnipresent entity and more of a charismatic leader who was more of a cog in the machine instead of the head of the Autobots.

In a strange way, taking the power away from Prime made him a better leader for the show. Instead of just being the defacto leader, he earned his way to the top by being relatable and proven. It is one of the most underrated aspects of the show.

300px-DecepticonAirCrowdFullPan01Sure it is Kid Friendly… So was the Original… And Everything Except the Michael Bay Shit Show

One of the biggest complaints I have seen for the show is that it is too “kid friendly” or that it has nothing that is enjoyable for adults. To that I say… Of course it is kid friendly… It is a show for kids that was originally released on a network… for kids. So yeah, it is totally kid friendly.

And before you say that it got too kid friendly from the original, this was a show that actually made character development and dealt with permanent character death. It was more adult oriented then the original Transformers would ever be.

It is Probably the only Post G1 Transformers that is True to the Source Material

Every time I watch Transformers after the fact, I notice that everyone wants to put their own spin on things. They want to tell their own story with their own characters. Nobody wants to do anything with G1 and it drives me nuts. Transformers Animated was the first show to come around to truly take the G1 source material and try to structure a story around it.

I finally thought I got the show that took the original series that was plagued by rampant consumerism with no filter yet and no story and build a story around it that was kid friendly but still entertaining. Transformers Animated was the one show to finally take original concept and make something of it instead of rewriting it to something new.

Thank you for reading, please come back Tuesday for the newest Crit or Miss: Kagegami High.

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