Top 10 Worst G1 Transformers

So, with job and life happening right now, plus the Top 100 Greatest Movies being more daunting then I thought, for now I will create a small list and have a new CoM up tomorrow. But for now… To the list.

So, a while back I did the Top 10 Greatest G1 Transformers. Seeing as how I am a person of equality, it is time to give some love to the… Well not so great Transformers of the first series. As such, this is the Top 10 Worst Generation 1 Transformers!

Dishonorable Mentions

Skids, Hauler, Off color Seekers, Every One-off Robot/Characters introduced in Rebirth

I wanted to just make this an all encompassing list. For anyone who knows the original G1 Transformers, you will know that this was made during a time when market capitalism had ZERO subtlety. I’m sure there are jokes about how that hasn’t changed coming, but trust me, we have come a long way.

G1 Transformers’ major criticism is that it was an extended episodic toy commercial made better by excellent characters and voice actors. However, there is a plethora of one off characters that appear but rarely if ever get to speak and disappear just as quick. I can make an entire list out of them so I am just going to clump them all in with the dishonorable mentions.

images10. Gears

Gears makes it to ten on this list, but it is kind of a cop out. Gears is a character that is supposed to be a little irritating. He is a cranky, complaining, and generally unpleasant character who had an entire episode dedicated to changing him for the better, but going back to being himself only due to the fact that “that was who he was.”

Regardless of whether or not intention had much of anything to do with this, this doesn’t take away from the fact that Gears… is really irritating. It could be different if there was a reason why Gears is such an unlikable person or if there was any sort of story behind it. But the only real explanation is the fact that “Gears is the one who complains a lot.” He is one of the more forgotten characters in the series and it is easy to see why.

250px-Springer_launcher_devastator9. Springer

Springer, AKA the most bland character in the Generation 3 series, finds himself at number 9 for being so irrelevant that his mere existence angers me. I am not a fan of post movie Transformers, just like nearly everyone else in existence. But there were some bright spots. Arcee was a wonderful addition and Kup was an entertaining grandpa curmudgeon. Ultra Magnus would later go on to become a leadership figure in further retellings. Even Blurr was at least fascinating, if not somewhat grating on the senses. There were a great deal of bad ones, two of which are popping up later, but Springer is painstakingly irritating.

Springer just has no character. While the rest of them at least have personality or a gimmick, Springer has nothing. You could call him the straight man if he came across as one, but instead he just comes across as a semi-competent Autobot who does his job and that is about it. Yet he is a main fucking character in the third season which is just irritating to no end. If they had at least given him something, even something stupid, he could have avoided this list. But since he is a nothing entity in a rolling sea of big characters, he hits 9.

060fc1c947b5ef4ba704c1c44de8cdf68. Generation 3 Grimlock

I WANT TO STRESS this does not include Grimlock from Season 1 and 2. Grimlock may be one of the best and most iconic characters in the Transformers line. The leader of the Dinobots that transformers into a T-Rex, Grimlock was an ultimate badness. Before the concept of grayed Autobots and Decepticons was a thing, Grimlock was the kind of character that always went against the grain.

Generation 3 Grimlock was a shitty child friendly shadow of his former self. He went from being a badass rebel to a fucking pet. He rarely if ever transformed out of his T-Rex mode. His stupidity went from non-bright but charismatic leader to electronic Barney the Dinosaur. Overall Generation 3 onward took a great character and turned it into a pile of shit just because they thought that is what kids wanted.

400px-Aerialbots27. Stunticons & Aerialbots

I’m throwing 12 Cybertronians in at number seven because they are all here for about the same reason. The Stunticons and Aerialbots were created at the same time as a means of putting Decepticons on the road and Autobots in the air. The plot itself was great. Key to Vector Sigma is one of the best episodes in the G1 series. But man these guys sucked after that.

When it comes to the Stunticons, they had little to no character development other then they were WILD CRAZY DRIVING DECEPTICONS. Motormaster maybe had the most out of the group because he wanted to challenge Optimus Prime for King of the Road… But that was it.

For the Aerialbots… They were terrible characters. Silverbolt was the only saving character. Though his best qualities is that he is afraid of heights and sappy, he was still fine compared to the rest who were all annoying whining shitlords. They were introduced as Autobots who bitched about Earth, didn’t like humans, and admired the Decepticon seekers Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker. Another one of the best episodes of all time, that displays the origin story of Optimus Prime from Orion Pax has the Aerialbots practically join the Decepticons. AND they probably would have done it to if Megatron could have three dimensional thinking for once. Instead he shoots them into the past to fulfill their destiny of saving Prime. They were brash, cocky, and impulsive… But not in the good way. The Aerialbots were a pain in the ass that luckily was not used often for the show after their initial run.

250px-Hotrodrodimuscharactermodels6. Rodimus Prime

If you will remember from my Top 10 Transformers of all time, Hot Rod made it on the list. His time in the show as Hot Rod was genuinely great. Plus his build up to being Rodimus Prime was great in the movie as long as you forgot that you hadn’t seen the character until the movie. But Rodimus Prime was absolute shit. Just the worst kind of shit.

Rodimus would have been a good leader… If the shit head came across as an ill-equipped young man having leadership thrust upon him but still having something more that made it realistic that he was there… But instead he was just a whiny little shit who had no empathy for Springer almost being killed or the fact that he destroyed a planet for Autobots who didn’t want to war against the Decepticons and then just said that “Cybertron was better anways.” What a piece of shit.

00042bd4d1d1a93b5759dade65950f5a5. Reflector

When your only function is to create cannon fodder and to swell the ranks of a given group filled with individual personalities… Your character is not going to be remembered fondly. Reflector was only shown prominently in the first season and only had a handful of lines to boot. Created from three robots that form into one camera, Reflector was not a worthwhile Decepticon and a poor warrior to boot. When the other grouped robots get things like Devestator and all you do is create a camera… You got the shit stick.

341180-tftm_scourge_super4. Scourge

It was so painful to watch Megatron, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and the Insecticons become Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps. Galvatron was cool in the movie but hopelessly annoying in the television show. Cyclonus may have been the only redeemable character, showing true leadership and poise after his creation. Scourge… However… Was just pointless.

At least Cyclonus was a cool and fleshed out character, Scourge became nothing more than the head goon for the army of same looking goons for Galvatron to push around on a regular basis. Being an exact copy of the Sweeps, just slightly more competent, Scourge became lost in the shuffle with little more development beyond the fact he was made from the remnants of Thundercracker.

hqdefault3. Sky Lynx

This might seem like an odd entry. Mainly because this character was so abysmal that he has almost been completely wiped from our consciousness. Sky Lynx was a giant monstrosity that appeared in the third season. An Autobot that was part space ship and part… Weird bird creature… And part… weird cat creature… Sky Lynx was one of the most bizarre Autobots to ever be conceived. Sticking out like a sore thumb, there was no other Autobot or Decepticon that even came close to him in appearance taking the whole “robots in disguise” thing and just chucking that out the window.

To make it even worse, Sky Lynx could have at least been a “cool” character to make up for his horrible qualities. Take away the fact that he seemed like a robotic knock off from He-Man then a transformer, Sky Lynx could still be a cool giant brute. But no. His personality was shit to. With a self centered personality and a snobby “better than thou” attitude, Sky Lynx was one of the most bizarre and stupid creations in all of Transformers. The funniest thing was that he thought he was SUPERIOR to other Autobots… No Sky Lynx… You were the worst… Just the absolute worst.

Galvatron2. Galvatron

While Rodimus did have the benefit of being a decent character who was outside his depth in the third generation, Galvatron went from being a cool enemy in the movie to being an annoying insane son of a bitch in the third season.

A lot of the third season can be described as Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus truly leading and Rodimus being too immature and Galvatron being too insane to really get anything worth while accomplished. While I can forgive Rodimus a little bit for being put in a shitty situation… Galvatron was just irritating, made even more irritating with how good and menacing Megatron actually was.

Megatron, while lacking any depth besides being evil, was at least sane and calculating in his maneuvers. You did get the feeling that Megatron was the most equipped to lead the Decepticons. Galvatron was cool in the movie. He took on similar traits to Megatron while still being a new character with a more menacing and quiet aura to him. But in Season 3, he had gone insane after the death of Unicron and was now no longer a menacing threat and more of a cackling mad man who had no leadership skills and was only put in a “figure head” position due to the fact that he was still insanely strong. Most of the leadership work of season 3 went to Cyclonus who was a much better leader then that shithead.

250px-Wheelietftmslingshot1 Wheelie

Could it be any other? This annoying little fucker that always talked in riddles, had the whiny and shrilly voice, and was a constant mainstay in the third season as Daniel’s (an equally annoying character) sidekick… Yeah this fucker was not worth the animation time it took to make him. Considering in the first two seasons we had a great combination of the grounding influence, Spike, and the genuinely fun and scrappy underdog, Bumblebee… Yeah Wheelie and Daniel was one of the worst downgrades you can get. He is often considered to be one of the worst characters in the entire Transformers line and you will hear precious few sticking up for him.

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