Mini Reviews: Escape Room, The Upside, Glass, and A Dog’s Way Home

It looks like I’m back! So it is time for me to come to some serious truths. First off, I just do not have the time to create a new video series about movies. Number two, I still love movies and want to talk about them and review them. Number three, my movie reviews have taken a nose dive since I tried the video thing. Number four, maybe the RPGs need to stay on videos and movies can return to the word. So here we are! Back to this old thing. I am going to cover four movies I saw throughout January before jumping back into regular review formats and also the best and worst of 2018 which is painfully late. So either way, here it goes.

Escape_Room_(2019_poster)Escape Room

This movie was better than I thought it was going to be. I’ll be honest, when I see January horror, I immediately think the worst. But overall, it was a decent horror movie that had a fun premise based on a fad that has really taken off as of late. Escape Room is more than just a Saw clone. It does have some original ideas and plays with the concept. It fails in areas such as pacing, script writing, and also not pushing the envelope enough. But overall, I think that if you give this movie a watch, you will enjoy it.

Final Score: 3

The_UpsideThe Upside

This movie can blow me. It remains me of movies like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Collateral Beauty in terms of Oscar Bait movies that try to play with emotion and sensitive issues but does it in the sleaziest cash grab imaginable. Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart are good in this movie, but the message and the sleazy cash grab behind the message are not enough to even give it a passable rating.

Final Score: 1.5


Eh, Glass, in my opinion, just sort of exists. It isn’t that great of a movie but there isn’t anything particularly bad about it. I feel like it would be much more at home in the 90’s when Superhero movies were a tad more cynical. However, the Shyamalan superhero film is not horrible… But it certainly isn’t good enough to stand out.

Final Score: 2

A_Dog's_Way_HomeA Dog’s Way Home

This movie sure did exist. For anyone who is a pet owner, it will pull some tears out of you. But so would a five minute cat video on Facebook so that really isn’t something to applaud for drawing out emotion. It is more like targeting the low hanging fruit. Unlike its predecessor that was subjected to accusations of animal abuse, this one doesn’t have that problem. It is a decent family movie that you can put on for your kids or your middle school free day. That is about it.

Final Score: 2.5

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