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The Worst and Best Characters to Use in Dead of Winter

Man, it has been a while since I typed anything out. Considering, I have been putting the work in when it  comes to the video format, I have lost track of time as far as posting written content is concerned. But at either rate, it is time to take to the typing again and write about a particularly favorite board game of mine, Dead of Winter. The game by Plaid Hat Games is one of the most fun and immersive zombie apocalypse stories out there. While it is a little light on the fluff material, the characters and setting are enough to craft an imaginative story in anyone’s head. One of which includes some of the best characters you will find in a game. Based off of a few known celebrities as far as appearance is concerned and with some fun tongue in cheek attitude, each one comes with their own abilities and attributes that can help win the game for the group. As with any game, some characters are great… And others are kind of terrible. So with the fact that the next expansion comes out next month, it is high time to count them down. This is the three worst character and best characters in Dead of Winter. Continue reading “The Worst and Best Characters to Use in Dead of Winter”

Top 10 Worst G1 Transformers

So, with job and life happening right now, plus the Top 100 Greatest Movies being more daunting then I thought, for now I will create a small list and have a new CoM up tomorrow. But for now… To the list.

So, a while back I did the Top 10 Greatest G1 Transformers. Seeing as how I am a person of equality, it is time to give some love to the… Well not so great Transformers of the first series. As such, this is the Top 10 Worst Generation 1 Transformers! Continue reading “Top 10 Worst G1 Transformers”