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The Worst Movies of 2014

Ah, my favorite time of the year, when I look back to the films of old and countdown the ones that deserve the up most praise from my snooty, pretentious, turtleneck wearing self and the films that deserve to burn forever in the pits of cinema hell… Well okay maybe not that bad, but a lot of them are pretty crappy schlock. I do wish I had made it to the theater more this year, but sadly with getting into grad school, lack of money, and the lack of a car, my time in the theaters was quite limited. But now that all of those problems have been fixed so 2015 will have a lovely cornucopia of films that I can tear a new asshole, but for now we will make do with 2014’s collection of crap.

Just a reminder to all readers that this list is created from films that I have personally seen and reviewed. There may very well be a worse film then what is number one on this list. I believe in that 100%… But sadly I didn’t get a chance to see it so it won’t be making the number one spot. With that said, on to the dishonorable mention. Continue reading “The Worst Movies of 2014”

Tanner’s Year Ending 4 Mini Reviews (Rage, Watch Dogs, Elder Scrolls Online, A Winter’s Tale)

It is that time of the year again. 2014 is coming to a close and 2015 is just on the horizon. With that comes a whole new list of video games and movies for me to watch. 2014 has been a year of tops and turns for me. But just like 2013 I feel like as we come to an end, it would be a great idea to give a handful of mini reviews of video games and movies from 2014 just to get as many out there as possible for the best and worst of 2014 (that I personally reviewed. So with that being said I will be looking at 2 movies and 2 video games tonight. We have a lot of reviewing to do so let’s get to it! Continue reading “Tanner’s Year Ending 4 Mini Reviews (Rage, Watch Dogs, Elder Scrolls Online, A Winter’s Tale)”