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Tanner Reviews War Room

WarRoomMoviePosterA string of movies that have avoided my eye in recent years has been the wave of Christian movies that have been coming out since 2013. Typically speaking, I avoid these movies due to the fact that I hate preachy holier than thou stories that are made only for people within the Christian community to cheer while everyone else just scratches their heads. This wave of movies from people like the Kendrick Brothers and movies produced by Pure Flix are straw man movies through and through. They are not meant to tell a compelling story or even to paint Christianity in a humanizing or desirable light. They are movies that simply state that Christianity is great, everything else is evil, and here is our proof as to why this is the case. So naturally, those who associate themselves within these communities eat it up while the rest of us just pass on them as being movies that simply are not made for us. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews War Room”

Tanner Reviews Goosebumps (2015 Film)

Goosebumps_(film)_posterIt is good to be back in the saddle again. Now that a lot of my life has freed itself up, I believe that I can finally get back on my regular review schedule. What better way to celebrate this triumph than with a review riddled with nostalgia? I never personally was the biggest Goosebumps fan. Nothing against them, but I was reading Stephen King at an early age and I found his books to be much more adult oriented and with higher stakes. Obviously though, Goosebumps was made for kids, not the argument I am trying to make. Just stating that when it came to my scares as a kid and young adult, I looked more towards Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Stephen King books than Goosebumps. But all things considered, I still read a few of the books and I did enjoy the television series when there was nothing else on for me to watch. So I decided to go to the movies and give it a go. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Goosebumps (2015 Film)”

Tanner Reviews The Fantastic Four (2015 Film)

Fantastic_Four_2015_posterSo… Today I went to the superhero film that everyone thought was going to be bad… And it was. At least some things remain consistent. It is no secret that August is a desolate waste land when it comes to movies. Like the barren ‘Post Oscar Season’ that is January, August is that month where the Summer Blockbusters that were not going to be any good go to die. One of the main reasons that I am reserving judgment on The Suicide Squad, but that is a story for this time next year. Back to the topic at hand. I knew, going into The Fantastic Four that it was going to be bad, I think everyone knew that this movie was going to be bad, it had all the warning signs of a poorly created Hollywood reboot and retooling. It featured dark tones, seemed needlessly realistic, and was just an all around poor film. I can tear this piece of shit apart for days… And I think I shall. Let’s tear into the terribly grim movie that is The Fantastic Four. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Fantastic Four (2015 Film)”