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Tanner’s Yearly 4 Mini Reviews (Hot Tub Time Machine 2, San Andreas, The Order 1886, and Insurgent)

Tis the season ladies and gentlemen! It is that magical time of the year again when the northern hemisphere gets colder and we start winding down the year of 2015. For me and this website, this is always a time for catch up. I watch a lot of movies and I play a lot of games and sometimes the reviews for them slip through the cracks and by the time I want to release them, it would seem that their zeitgeist has past and have already slipped out of the public’s consciousness. So, this is typically the time when I release a clutch of three to four mini reviews to get the information out onto the website since I missed them the first time around. It is a time to look back at 2o15 and the movies and video games that were created with a longing in my heart… Or a sharp pain dependent upon the subject. Either way, this is my yearly 4 Mini Reviews of 2015! Continue reading “Tanner’s Yearly 4 Mini Reviews (Hot Tub Time Machine 2, San Andreas, The Order 1886, and Insurgent)”

Tanner Reviews Mad Max

Just liMad_Max_2015_video_game_cover_artke everyone else in the world, I love me some Mad Max: Fury Road. Will I go as far as naming my son and/or daughter after the characters from the movie? Well, I just have to say that Furiosa Vuvalini and Max Nux Bivens will have the most badass names in all of preschool. But I digress, the point is that whenever you have any type of big summer blockbuster, you typically have an absolutely deplorable video game tie in to come plopping out onto the markets like the festering turd of the most rancid of fuck boys. These games tend to be forgettable, horrendous, and on par with someone shitting on your TV screen then demanding you pay money for the privilege of owning their shit. Needless to say, I do not think very highly of these movie tie-in games. But, thanks to Mad Max, I have to say that my opinion… Has barely changed. The video game tie in to Mad Max is leaps and bounds better than the normal movie tie-in game… That does not mean that it is anything better than generic.

Mad Max is a prequel (UGH) to the movie and tells the story of Max traveling through this desolate wasteland that was once the Outback of Australia also known by its ‘cool name’ the Plains of Silence. Just like the movie, Max’s car is quickly stolen by the War Boys after he is captured by Immortan Joe’s other son, Scaborus Scrotus. Max manages to escape Scrotus and makes his way through the desolate wasteland with a new dog and a new friend in Chumbucket in tow.

The game follows Max through the wasteland as he liberates various leaders and vows revenge on Scrotus as he sits in his own castle in Gastown. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Mad Max”

NTSOE: 2015 Summer Blockbusters Thus Far

On this episode of Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth, I talk about the Summer Blockbusters that have come out thus far and where we can possibly go from here when August runs around.