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Tanner Reviews No Escape

No_Escape_(2015_film)_posterSo on the opposite side of the coin, after seeing a movie that I thought was going to be bad, but turned out to be good. The next movie I saw was a movie that I thought was going to be decent, but turned out to be festering shit. That may be giving too much away on that one, but I have never been one to be the master of subtlety or waiting for the perfect moment to drop the critic bomb. But in either case, let’s talk about the strange anomaly that is No Escape. I didn’t think a movie like this could exist in this time, but I’ll be damned if I was wrong on that one. I never thought I would see a movie in 2015 that was so unintentionally xenophobic and racist that I was expecting someone to just appear in yellow face shades of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Continue reading “Tanner Reviews No Escape”

Tanner Reviews Mad Max: Fury Road

Max_Mad_Fury_Road_Newest_PosterMy God… That was fucking amazing… When I say the following statement, I want it to be known that it is said with absolutely no hyperbole. I honestly believe that Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the greatest action movies to ever be made in the history of cinema. This movie… I can’t say enough about this movie. I feel like words do not adequately do it justice. It is a movie that takes all the best parts of what makes action movies great and discards all the worthless shit that people cannot stand. This is a movie that will never in a million years be nominated for an Academy Award, seeing as how the Academy doesn’t like movies like this. But this is easily going to be one of, if not THE, best movie of 2015 and one of the best movies of the 2010’s. It is simply phenomenal. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Mad Max: Fury Road”

Tanner Reviews Olympus Has Fallen

220px-Olympus_Has_Fallen_posterSo who all wonders what would happen if you took the premise of Die Hard and put it in the White House with an actor who has only a fraction of the talent and charisma as Bruce Willis? Well I suppose you don’t have to hypothesize anymore because early this year, Olympus Has Fallen was able to deliver on your inquiries. I suppose I was destined to hate this movie. As impartial as I try to be when watching a movie I am going to review for this site, when you combine the fact that I am not a fan of Gerard Butler’s work in the slightest and also take away all originality… You pretty much are guaranteed to be on the top of the ‘Things I Can’t Stand to Sit Through’ list. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Olympus Has Fallen”