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Crit or Miss: Leading Edge’s Aliens

Tanner Reviews Alien: Isolation

Alien_IsolationSo here we go again. It has been a little over a year since I had the foul taste of my favorite movie being ruined for me in my mouth by Gearbox when they released the much hyped and horrifyingly executed disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. Now, here we are again with Sega taking a crack at one of my favorite franchises, this time aiming for the tight paranoid horror of the first film instead of the shoot ’em up action of the second film in Alien: Isolation. While I am not exactly one who is going to shower this video game in praise like some other critics out there, I will say that with the bar set as low as it was from Colonial Marines, this thing had to have been absolutely unplayable for it to fail in my eyes so take that for what you will. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Alien: Isolation”