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Tanner Reviews Her

Her2013PosterThis was certainly an interesting watch to say the least. I have never been a big fan of Spike Jonze. At most his movies have left me either ambivalent or just out right annoyed. Where the Wild Things Are was probably his most redeemable movie in my eyes (I do not like Being John Malkovich). Nothing against the guy personally, just never been a fan of his movies or his writing. Plus, while we are on the subject of people in the film industry that I just do not care for, Joaquin Phoenix also makes that list. The guy has had some problems with just being an eccentric wacko and whenever he steps away from the public eye for his various reasons, I have not been disappointed that I would no longer see his acting. So naturally, when I hear about Her, a story starring Phoenix and directed by Jonze, I did not have high hopes. At most, I was expecting a decently done yet overtly pretentious movie in which a guy wants to have sex with a computer. That being said… This was a great movie. All things considered, this movie could have been absolutely dreadful with a touchy premise such as this. In lesser hands, this movie could have become an appalling movie where a guy has sex with his phone for two hours. But instead we got an excellent story about one man finding something to overcome a horrible divorce. So in other words, both Phoenix and Jonze have won me over on this one. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Her”

Tanner Reviews American Hustle

American_Hustle_2013_posterFinally! It took me damn near a month and several times I had to push this review back, but after weeks and weeks I finally saw one of the movies I have been looking forward to all year, American Hustle. After last year and seeing what is quickly becoming one of my favorite movies of all time Silver Lining’s Playbook; I have been waiting with baited breath hoping that David O. Russell and his cast could bring the cinematic gold that its predecessor brought… I was not at all disappointed. American Hustle is one of those classic movies that will stick in my mind for years to come. It has solidified David O. Russell as a favorite director of mine and Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, and Jennifer Lawrence as some of my favorite actors. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews American Hustle”