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Tanner Reviews Circle

downloadFINALLY! I see something that is worth watching! After scowering the pages of Netflix looking for something worthwhile to watch, I came across an interesting little Indie film called Circle. A fascinating movie that delves into the realms of Twilight Zone science fiction horror as well as a genuine psychological experiment about the horrors of the human condition and what we, as a society, hold dear. I have to say that I am so happy that I stumbled upon this movie, it is quickly becoming a personal favorite of mine.

The story opens with 50 people wake up in a  black room, standing in red circles, and surrounding a gigantic black orb. They quickly learn that if they step out of the red circle, they are killed by the black orb. Every two minutes someone is killed, seemingly by random chance. After several deaths, they learn that they have the power to vote for the people who are going to die. As people begin dying every two minutes, either by random or by chance, the people in the room must decide who dies, what they are doing there, and if there is anyway for them to make it out of their situation alive. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Circle”

From the Vaults: And Then There Were None

agatha-christie-and-then-there-were-none-2005-game-engI think every gamer, past, present, and future has that one obscure game that they just absolutely love. It is that game that nobody knows about, nobody has even heard of, and by all accounts you feel like you are the only soul on this earth that plays it. But it is still one of your all time favorites and you will always go back to it whenever you are bored or feeling nostalgic. For me, that game will always be Adventure Company’s Agatha Christie inspired adventure, And Then There Were None. A very obscure point and click adventure, I found this gem when I was with a group of my friends in my local Wal-Mart one day. When I looked at the murder mystery, I studied it, and seeing the price tag I said ‘why the hell not?’ This purchase would be one of the best purchases that I have ever made as it has brought me nothing but joy for several years. But, this does raise the question, how does the game hold up over time? And I cannot think of a better use of the ‘From the Vault’ series then for a game such as this. Continue reading “From the Vaults: And Then There Were None”