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Tanner Reviews The Wind Rises

Kaze_Tachinu_posterSo at the end of the Academy Awards as I said, Frozen won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. Back when I reviewed Frozen, I said that it deserved to win the award over animation legend Hayao Miyazaki’s final movie, The Wind Rises and I stick by that assessment. But some might be asking the question, well Tanner what do you think of The Wind Rises? The answer to that is that I find myself in the same situation that I did last year with deciding what was better between The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite. They are both phenomenal movies in their own right and for different reasons. Even though it is a tough decision, I still hold to what I say. But I did not think it would be a terrible idea to review The Wind Rises and give my compare and contrast at the end. So with that said, let’s review what is possibly the last film in the legendary and storied career of Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Wind Rises”

Tanner Reviews Howl’s Moving Castle

Howls-moving-castleposterJust recently, one of the greatest animated artists and animated directors of all time decided that it was time to retire. Even people who are not as in tune with the Japanese culture know of Hayao Miyazaki. The man is a legend and has given us some of the most visually stunning masterpieces to ever grace the big screen. The stories that Miyazaki and the people of Studio Ghibli tell are ones that can be watched and enjoyed by all ages. They are movies that you can just watch over and over again, all the while still feeling the same since of wonder and grandeur as you did the first time you saw it. He truly is a masterful director and animator. While it is sad that he is retiring, it is also well deserved.

It wasn’t until this week that a roommate of mine rented one of Miyazaki’s works, Howl’s Moving Castle that I realized I had not seen this particular film by Miyazaki, but I had also not reviewed anything by Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli for that matter. Which truly is a travesty in my book to deny praise to such a talented individual. So I decided to sit down and give it a go. Wouldn’t you know it? It was just as amazing and whimsical as the other films in the Miyazaki oeuvre. Howl’s Moving Castle is easily one of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s finest works, second only to the iconic film Spirited Away which is easily cracking the top 50 of greatest movies of all time. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Howl’s Moving Castle”

Tanner Reviews 9

9posterfinalAh Tim Burton, you have returned to my site again. But this time instead of a director, you find yourself in the role of producer to the 2009 relatively forgotten animated film 9. Directed by Shane Acker, was originally a short film created by Acker and given a budget to create a feature-length film. Acker is a relative newcomer to the film making scene and has worked previously on projects such as Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Total Recall (Remake), and 47 Ronin while remains his only feature-length writing and directing role. All that considered, Acker made a pretty successful leap into the film making industry with a visually stunning and mentally stimulating movie. So I suppose this time around, I’m giving the kudos to Burton for funding such a bright mind. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews 9”