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Crit or Miss: Magical Burst

Cheesy Romance Month: Love Hina

230px-Love_Hina_volume_1We continue with part 3 of Cheesy Romance Month 2 with a look into the wonderful world of Japanese Culture that is Anime. Oh anime, you are such an odd and wonderful thing. We have covered the subject of anime on multiple occasions for this site  but one series that has not been touched on is the anime/manga series known as Love Hina. 

Probably one of the most universally known anime/manga series in existence, Love Hina is the quintessential harem anime. What is a harem anime you might ask? Well it is a unique anime genre in which a young man is surrounded by a handful of lovely women with very different personalities that all want to bone him for various reasons. It also helps if the young man in question is a bumbling nerdy socially inept dweeb who will lose the ability for rational thought at the mere instant a female lays a single finger on him whether platonic or otherwise. There are of course reverse harems that feature one woman and a multitude of men/women but for the context of this review we will keep this description short, sweet, and to the point. While other anime like Sekirei and Rosario + Vampire come to mind, it is in this critics opinion that Love Hina is the king of all harem animes and the bar to which other harem anime aspires to reach. The story of Keitaro Urashima and his awkward bumbling through Hinata Inn are known even by casual anime viewers. Considering its fame and the fact that fits the mold of a Cheesy Romance, I feel it is high time to talk about this interesting television show. Continue reading “Cheesy Romance Month: Love Hina”

FMA Retrospective: Full Metal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

220px-Fma_milosSo we finish off this retrospective of Full Metal Alchemist with the most recent movie to be released in the line, Full Metal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos. Probably one of the most ‘different’ I guess would be the word to use on the matter, The Sacred Star of Milos expands the universe even further by taking us to the lesser known country that was established in FMA Brotherhood, the country of Creta and the new city known as Table City. While certainly a more downplayed movie as compared to the series as well as the Conqueror of Shamballa, The Sacred Star of Milos is a good albeit quiet movie that expands the universe and sets up the series for further sequels.

After a mysterious man named Ashley escapes from prison with only several weeks left in his sentence, Edward and Alphonse Elric travel to Table City, a border city between Amestris and Creta to get to the bottom of Ashley’s escape. There they find a woman named Julia Crichton as well as an underground para military organization known as the Black Bats. Their goal is to reclaim the country of Milos from Creta and Amestris by using an item known as the Sanguine Star. After hearing the properties of the Star, the Elrics learn that the Star is merely another name for a Philosopher’s Stone. Realizing this the Elrics and Julia return to Table City in search for the stone so that the Miranda, the leader of the Black Bats, Ashley, and from using the stone and its properties. Continue reading “FMA Retrospective: Full Metal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos”

Anime Week: Tanner Reviews Psycho Pass

PsychoPassvol1Talk about an impressive anime! It has been quite sometime that I have seen an anime that has blown me away with its artistic style, but tight, and intense storytelling. Not since I saw Full Metal Alchemist have I been blown away by an anime series. I don’t know how else I can put it, this series has won me over in just about every aspect I can think of. I’m not even a fan of Cyberpunk settings and yet this series has sold me on it. Now am I saying it is perfect? Well no, there are still a few problems with it. But they are very few and we will get to those very soon. Continue reading “Anime Week: Tanner Reviews Psycho Pass”