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Batman: Arkham Knight Side Missions Ranked from Worst to Best

I think many people can remember my long rant about Batman: Arkham Knight and the fact that the game did not live up to my expectations. Well, here is the thing. I still love playing the game. I have been playing it the past couple of days. I don’t dislike the game, I just think it could have been substantially better then what it was. But, I do still enjoy it and I also enjoy the side quests that the game has to offer. Considering the game gives mountains of opportunities, I have decided to list them from worst to best. Now, I should add that just because a mission is at the bottom or the top of this list doesn’t mean that the game sucks for it or has changed the game forever. It is just the worst or best of the series that connects to a good game. I should also like to add that I am including the Season of Infamy Expansion on it as well. That being said, let’s start with our weak links. Continue reading “Batman: Arkham Knight Side Missions Ranked from Worst to Best”

Tanner Reviews Remember Me

Remember_Me_(Capcom_game_-_cover_art)Two parts Assassin’s Creed, one part Uncharted, a dash of cyberpunk, a tablespoon of Mass Effect, and just a pinch of a Stephenie Meyer teenage drama; follow these simple steps and you will have your very own Remember Me. This ‘new and original’ creation from CAPCOM is not bad per say but more of this strange amalgamation of games before it. This isn’t something that is new. The idea of ‘borrowing’ concepts from other games has been going on since the creation of video games. But at least most of those games added some elements of original concepts. This game just seems like they put ideas on a dartboard and whatever ideas got struck with darts is what they went with. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Remember Me”