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Tanner Reviews Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori_and_the_Blind_Forest_LogoToday, we revisit the concept of the Artistic Indie Game. I will not hide the fact that I absolutely love this genre. Most of these games are single player, which appeals to me, have an artistic feel to them, which appeals to me, have a typically low price tag, which REALLY appeals to me, and on the whole portrays video games as a new blossoming form of artistic media. While I criticize the digital download generation as a way to exploit gamers by selling them bits and pieces of video games as ‘DLC’ and also publishing horrifically unfinished games as ‘betas’, I will praise the generation for giving us the opportunity to enjoy games such as Ori and the Blind Forest. Just like its predecessor, Journey which arguably started the mass market appeal of the artistic video game, Ori and the Blind Forest appeals to a niche market of people who can consume the game and enjoy it for hours at a time. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Ori and the Blind Forest”