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Wrestlemania 33 Review

 SPOILER ALERT: This is a review of Wrestlemania 33. This means that the results of which will be listed in the post. If you have not seen Wrestlemania 33 yet, PLEASE, go watch it before you read this. Now that I have said this, I am conscious free. 

It is that time of year again! Wrestlemania has come and gone and it is time to look back at the night and see how it compares to years prior! This is a review of Wrestlemania 33. I will review each match, scaling them on a scale of 1-5. With that said, let’s start with the pre show

Pre Show

Neville AriesCruiserweight Championship
Neville (C) vs. Austin Aries
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Current WWE Cruiserweights Ranked from Worst to Best

There has been a major uptick, as of late, with WWE’s Cruiserweight division. What was once considered dead on arrival after the brilliance of the Cruiserweight Classic has suddenly seen new life with a slew of new wrestlers and two excellent performances during Fastlane. After the title match between Neville and Gallagher as well as a tag team match that may have been the best pre-show match to occur since the start of the WWE Network, the future for the Cruiserweights went from black to darly dim after the Vinnie Mac Express viciously clipped their wings early in their run. But even with this up swing, there is still room for improvement on the roster. With that said, I am going to rank the 16 current cruiserweights on the roster from worst to best.

I should stress that this list will include those who are permanently on the roster and have made several appearances. So the Bollywood Boyz are out since they only wrestled one match and disappeared. Austin Aries, however, is eligible due to the fact that it is clear their are big plans for him and he has been seen since day one in a commentary capacity. Continue reading “Current WWE Cruiserweights Ranked from Worst to Best”