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The Stars and Busts of Pokemon Go

Pokemon_GoI promise that this is going to be the last Pokemon Go article! I know, I have become a bit of a fanboy these past couple of days over the mobile game. But I truly do love the experience and there is plenty to write and to talk about. So I decided today to make a little list of the 151 Pokemon condensed into six categories and rank them based on whether or not they have been awesome stars of the game… or if they are destined to dwell in your Pokemon box for the rest of forever until you transfer them. This is the Stars and Busts of Pokemon Go.

Now, please keep in mind, that I am using this as a blanket term but there are certainly exceptions in this world. If you have a level 2343853 Nidoking and I say Nidokings, on the whole, are not great, your one awesome Nidoking does not necessarily throw off the curve. This is an observation of the game on the whole. With that said, let’s get started. Continue reading “The Stars and Busts of Pokemon Go”

Top 25 Greatest Pokemon of All Time

After doing my review of Pokemon X and Y, it came to my attention that I really haven’t talked a lot about Pokemon, which is odd since it was a major part of my childhood and usually I’m one to get all nostalgic at the drop of a hat. I thought I would rectify this by making a list. What better than a list right? After all if there is anything that you could make a list out of, it is Pokemon. There are all the different regions, the different characters, the different villains… And OH YES! The different Pokemon! After all, as of Generation 6 there are now 718 of the things running around! It is perfect! So with that being said, I decided I would drop all pretense and finally attempt to answer the question that has plagued Pokefan’s minds… Which Pokemon really is the greatest of all time? So with that I give you, the Top 25 Greatest Pokemon of All Time! Continue reading “Top 25 Greatest Pokemon of All Time”