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Tanner Reviews The Evil Within

The_Evil_Within_boxartAnd so we come to my last review of 2014 and my last video game review before I list the best and worst video games of 2014 that I reviewed. Quite personally I cannot pick a better video game to review that represents a true mix of emotions in my mind. For you see the video game that we are looking at today is the latest ‘survival horror’ video game from the mind of B-Movie gorehound Shinji Mikami, the mind behind the classic video game Resident Evil 4. For you see reader, I have come to a true conflict in my reviewing. On the one hand I love Resident Evil 4 and if you remember, gave the game a perfect 5/5 during my Resident Evil Retrospective and claimed it to be the best game of the series. Now when I look at The Evil Within, I personally have to say that this is the best remake of Resident Evil 4 that I could ever hope for… Only it isn’t a remake of Resident Evil 4. Same basic premise. You take on the form of Sergeant Gruff Manbody of the Stubble Chinned Machismo Precinct, get thrown into some random backwoods where you are chased by a man with a chainsaw and a handful of farmers whose sole goal in life is to introduce your face to their sharp and pointy objects collection. I mean, god love Shinji Mikami. The man puts out quality. But it seems with The Evil Within was simply smashed together with concepts from his old video games and the idea of, eh people will buy it. But I do get ahead of myself. Let’s leave a lot of my opinion for the review.

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