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The Best Video Games of 2013

So with the worst video games of 2013 behind us, it is time to finish off the video games of 2013 with the cream of the crop, the absolute best that the last year had to offer. 2013 has been a big year for video gaming as the Microsoft and Sony have transitioned into the next generation for better or for worse and in their wake have left some of the best video games of this latest generation. 2013 may not be the greatest year in the history of video games, but I feel in the coming years we will see this year as one of the best.

Before we start with the honorable mention I should state one more time that video games that will appear on this list are games that I have personally played and reviewed. Once more if I there was a life altering video game and I didn’t play it then I can’t review it. That is how it works. With that being said let us start with the honorable mention. Continue reading “The Best Video Games of 2013”

Tanner Reviews BioShock Infinite

Official_cover_art_for_Bioshock_InfiniteWell… It is Sunday and sadly once more I am stuck with all my money being tied up in Origins Game Fair (which I will be attending this week. Shameless plug.) I do not have the money to pick up any of the newest gaming titles so I find myself right where I was with my¬†Aliens: Colonial Marines¬†review. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews BioShock Infinite”