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Tanner Reviews Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman-Arkham-Origins-Box-ArtSo where does one go after creating a game as ground breaking and amazing as Batman: Arkham City? Well not very far as it were. It is a new year and with games like GTA V, The Last of Us, and BioShock Infinite hitting the shelves, it was a time for the Arkham Series to really step forward and continue to give us the video game gold that we have expected from the series up until this point and sadly it just didn’t hold up to snuff. Now that isn’t to say the game isn’t good. On the contrary, the game has some really fun and creative parts to it and continues to expand the mythos that the Arkham Series has laid out in front of us. But we will get to those in a few minutes. Can’t spoil all the details in the opening paragraph, right? Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Batman: Arkham Origins”

Tanner Reviews Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman_under_the_red_hood_posterIf there is any genre that defines the term ‘hit and miss’ it is Animated Superhero… Well anything. Some of them are well done, well crafted, and works of genius that do not get the recognition that they deserve… And others thankfully stay in the realm of obscurity only to be picked up by a die-hard fan of that particular superhero or a child who wants to watch cool things happen for 25-75 minutes. It is a little frighting at times to watch a movie like this because you really do not know what you are going to get. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Batman: Under the Red Hood”