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Marriage Month: Bridezillas

Bridezillas_logoWe close out this month of Marital Bliss with not a movie about marriage, but a whole show about marriage. Seeing as how I spent the last two weeks talking about weddings as well as Godzilla, it seems only fitting that I combine the two together to close all of this off and if just so happens that out of all of those wedding movies and Godzilla movies, this was the worst thing that I had this misfortune of sitting through. WE tv’s original series Bridezillas may very well be one of the worst television shows that I have ever had force myself through. Now do not get me wrong before we get any further into this review, I am not one of the people who will shit on a television show simply for being a reality show. I am not a fan of the genre, nor will I ever be. But when I was younger I did enjoy shows like The Mole and Survivor just as much as any other person. Since then they have lost their appeal to me, but I will not knock a reality show for simply being a reality show. But even with that being said, this show is a steaming pile of horrific dog shit.

The premise behind this reality show is rather simple. It follows the story of several women before their wedding day, the demands that they make on the people working on the wedding as well as their friends, and gives a good argument why birth control should be a common practice for everyone. Continue reading “Marriage Month: Bridezillas”