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WWE Cruiserweight Classic Participants Ranked from Least Likely to Most Likely to Win the Tournament

downloadFinally! After months of speculation, the full list of the thirty-two men taking part in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic have been announced. My body has been ready for this for months and now all of the names are out there for us to read and speculate. Needless to say, this is going to be an impressive tournament. While it doesn’t include the likes of Ricochet, Will Ospreay, Fenix, and so forth, it is certainly a collection of some of the finest talent the world has to offer. SO! The big question on everyone’s mind is thus: “Who is going to walk away with the championship?” Well that is what I am about to assess in this article. This list is all the wrestlers taking part in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic ranked from those least likely to win to those most likely to win.

NOW! I am going to put forth some criteria. I should STRESS that this list is who is most likely to win the championship. It is NOT how well they will do in the tournament. It is reasons like this that Tajiri will be low on my list. This is due to the fact that this tournament that is, most likely, going to propel a wrestler that WWE want to push or sign to a contract and people like Tajiri are there to propel those guys forward. Tajiri may do well in the tournament. But win? Eh, I don’t think so. So just keep that in mind when reading this. Also, for the sake of this not being a book, I will try to keep the descriptions short and link everyone to a page where you can read more material. With that said, let’s get started. Continue reading “WWE Cruiserweight Classic Participants Ranked from Least Likely to Most Likely to Win the Tournament”

Tanner Reviews South Park: The Stick of Truth

SouthParkTheStickOfTruthWhere has this been all my life? Oh it has been a while since South Park: The Stick of Truth came out and just now have I finally been able to play the thing and good lord in heaven this is an absolute marvel to behold. Everything that I love in a game is here wrapped in a nice little nostalgic bow from the television show that I enjoyed so much as a teenagers forcing my way through high school. South Park is one of those shows I feel like everyone gets involved in at some point in their life. They watch a season or two religiously and then go on in life either taking one of two routes, looking back on South Park as a classic television show that tackles heavy issues in today’s society with a ‘nothing is sacred’ mentality or they look back on it saying South Park is a big pile of crap masked by its smug sense of irreverence played off as intelligent political satire. I feel smarter for saying that sentence.

Either rate, I am one of the ones who looks upon South Park with relatively kind eyes. I do think the show after several years seemed to get off on the idea that they were edgy in their political ideals. But overall I firmly enjoyed the show and still find it to be one of the best television series of the past two decades. With its brilliant cross over into the realms of video gaming, South Park has endeared me to the franchise once again. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews South Park: The Stick of Truth”

Tanner Reviews Stories We Tell

Stories_We_Tell_posterBefore we get into this review, I would like to thank the Grandin Theatre of Roanoke Virginia for being so good to me during my time here. With the exception of my Hangover Part III review, every film review of movies released this year I have seen at the Grandin (and I didn’t see Hangover Part III there because Grandin Theatre has too much dignity to allow that to enter their doors). If it wasn’t for them, I would not have been able to see this documentary Stories We Tell, a multi award winning film that has received acclaim at the 69th Venice International Film Festival, the 39th Telluride Film Festival, and the 37th Toronto Film Festival where the majority of the documentary was created.

(Minor Spoilers in following paragraph) Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Stories We Tell”