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Tanner Reviews Dead Rising 3

256px-Dead_Rising_3_Cover_ArtReally?… Really?! This is the best that you got? The next generation of consoles comes out, you are in a recession riddled market, and the next wave is released. The XBone (Intentional) has already failed on a massive level before it even hit shelves and the PS4 while doing better is not in good shape… You have a chance to hit the ground running and shell out some amazing games to get the ball rolling and get people interested in console gaming again… And you fucked it up! Playstation 4 and Xbox One have dug their own graves, climbed in their coffins, and are just waiting to be buried at this point. When you release a new console, you need flagship games! You need to get people interested in your product, to buy it! You need to give them incentive! Instead you release a couple of mediocre, bullshit titles, and just wait for people to be gullible enough to buy your product. Sony and Microsoft you are FAILURES ON EVERY CONCEIVABLE LEVEL! Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Dead Rising 3”

Tanner Reviews Dead Rising 2

256px-Dead_Rising_2_coverWhile I am well within my Resident Evil Retrospective I cannot help but think of not only the nostalgia of the games that were intricate in creating who I am today and how I view video games but also the stories that seemed to supersede RE as the years have gone on. While The Walking Dead over took my opinion on the greatest zombie story ever told, even in the realm of video games I find the spot of best zombie video game has over taken the survival horror series. While there are multiple games that have stepped ahead of Resident Evil in my eyes as the best zombie themed video game, I feel compelled to talk about the first of the games that changed my opinion. Dead Rising 2 may not be the greatest zombie survival game out there it was the first to make me reevaluate my stance on the game that held my undying affection for the better part of a decade. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Dead Rising 2”