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Top 100 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time: 50-41

We have reached the downward slope. The top bracket is finished and now just to count them off to the finale. There may be a few surprises here and there but from here on out, you are going to be getting the classics. It is just a matter of where they fall in the grand scheme of things. If you stumbled upon this list first, be sure you check out the other parts of the list linked below.

Honorable Mentions
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Top Ten Greatest Intercontinental Champions

New_Intercontinental_Championship_design_2014So after completing the list of the Worst Intercontinental Champions, it is now time to talk about the Top Ten wrestlers who helped define the secondary belt and make it such a prestigious championship. Unlike our last list, these are the ten who’s careers benefited from the strap being placed around their waist and the belts prestige was elevated by these wrestlers holding it. With that said, let’s get started with number ten. Continue reading “Top Ten Greatest Intercontinental Champions”