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Tanner Reviews The Purge

The_Purge_posterIt is such a shame… A movie like this turning out the way that it did. Miss opportunity is the best string of words I could use to describe The Purge a film that is not as much ‘bad’ as it was ‘disappointing.’ Even then I’m not sure what is worse to make a movie that is labeled as bad and terrible or a movie that is so disappointing that it is destined to disappear into the realm of obscurity only to be brought up when one person mentions it and the rest of the group say “Yeah I think I remember the film” with about the same amount of fire and passion as Deep Blue Something’s song. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Purge”

Tanner Reviews Repo: The Genetic Opera

RepoGeneticOperaOfficialPosterNothing makes you feel more classy and sophisticated than watching an opera. There is just something about the word alone that makes you want to dawn your finest threads, put on a top hat, a monacle, and shove your nose so far in the air you could practically collect rain water in your nostrils. A story told completely through song that is the definition of class!… Even if that film is under the direction of the guy behind three of the four films from the Saw series in Darren Lynn Bousman and the brain child of career weird guy Terrance Zdunich and Darren Smith. Repo: The Genetic Opera is a gothic teenager’s wet dream wrapped up in one gritty musically astonishing bow. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Repo: The Genetic Opera”

Tanner Reviews The Hangover III

And thank God it ended!
And thank God it ended!

So this weekend has not been the best one in my life. The first being that due to all kinds of problems I could not complete the video review of this and have decided to write about this and save the videos for another week… The second is that I actually had to sit through this piece of shit which was one of the longest 90 minutes of my life just falling behind my the Ungodly abomination that was my High School Graduation ceremony. This film… This film hurt. It hurt to watch, it hurt to listen to, it hurt to not walk out of the theater in complete and utter disgust! The only reason I stayed seated was because A) I have to write a review about this and B) I know the internet wants to see me in pain. This film was painful and just goes to show what a cum sucking whore the movie sequel industry is taking a great movie in The Hangover and evolving until the only two real things that are left from the original is the crazed Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong) and man-child weirdo Allen (Zach Galifiankas) Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Hangover III”

Tanner Reviews Dark Shadows

Dark_Shadows_2012_PosterI have a love hate relationship with Tim Burton. The man has put out some fantastic work in the past and I would even go as far to say that he has released some of the greatest films of all time. If I ever make a list of the greatest films ever made then Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Beetlejuice, Ed Wood, Big Fish, and most important The Nightmare Before Christmas would easily be on the list. The man has an eye for cinema and a personal aesthetic that most people could only dream to have. Not to mention when I was in high school and associated myself with the ‘gothic crowd’ for a time I could not go a full day without hearing this man’s name or seeing some sort of memorabilia from this man’s films and thanks to that the man is one of the most famous directors on the scene today. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Dark Shadows”

Tanner Reviews Man on the Moon

220px-ManonthemoonposterMan… This one is tough. So I’m looking through my video rack in search of a movie to review for the blog… And out of the corner of my eye, buried underneath some 007 movies and Hot Tub Time Machine is a movie I remember from when I was a child, Man on the Moon starring Jim Carrey. This film is… I don’t even know, it is REALLY hard to gauge. Being a homage to Andy Kaufman it is kind of hard to say that it is bad as it covers all the wonderful things that he did in his career, but then there are serious problems with it… But then there are moments of pure genius… But then the movie flopped in the box office… But then it is being heralded as a cult classic and one of the best films biopics made…But then… You see what I mean? This film is one huge conundrum wrapped in an enigma… Which then you would have to say that that is the way Andy Kaufman would have wanted it… Oh Jesus Christ OKAY… Enough… We got to get through this and review the ode to the Foreign Man himself… This is Man on the Moon. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Man on the Moon”

Tanner Reviews Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day

Boondock_2_posterSo after giving a good review of the Boondock Saints, it stands to reason that I should also look at the cult classic’s successor Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day. Seeing as how I loved the first film so much, the question is how much do I like the second one? Well… Not so much… Actually I really don’t like it at all. Whenever I watch this movie, I cannot help but get the feeling that this is what the critics felt whenever they saw the first film and gave it its poor scores. But I think for a movie like Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day the film is doomed from the start to be a failure. So why is that? Well before we get into the movie itself I want to talk about two other parts of the filming world that attributed it to being the failure that it became. Those are the realms of ‘sequels’ and ‘cult classics’. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day”