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Tanner Reviews Resident Evil Degeneration

BioDPosterA long time ago, back when the concept of this site was in the works; I created a video where I reviewed Resident Evil Degeneration. Now, I think I deleted it from YouTube… But if I did not and you happen to stumble across it, I implore you to please turn down your volume before you push play. I apparently forgot that I could project my voice in that video and I spend the vast majority of the fifteen minutes screaming at the camera lens like a deranged lunatic. But either way I thought I would give it another go in a much more… sane attempt to review the movie. So… On to Resident Evil Degeneration.

I have come to the conclusion that as long as this site exists, Resident Evil is just going to be a thing that appears from time to time. I covered the retrospective of all of the games. But there are still just so many more things to look at, that horrendously bad movie franchise by Paul WS Anderson that is the bane of my existence. The new animated movie franchise that includes this film and the latest release Resident Evil Damnation which we will get to at a later date. We also cannot forget the gaming franchise is still going… All be it in dire straits. So yeah… Resident Evil is something that just isn’t going to go away as far as this site is concerned.  Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Resident Evil Degeneration”

Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE: Code Veronica

RECV_boxartAnd we are back to the main story after deviating from the path with Survivor we return to one of our favorite characters from RE 2 Claire Redfield and her hunt to find her brother Chris. After this one folks be prepared because we will not be touching the main story for a LONG TIME. Resident Evil: Code Veronica is probably the most bizarre game in the main story line, one of the more forgotten, the only game in the main series to not be numbered, and one of the more underrated games of its time. I mean don’t get me wrong this thing was praised up and down upon its release but nowadays when you get any number of RE fans into a room to talk about there favorite games this one never gets pulled up and it really is a shame that it doesn’t because this game is a shit load of fun. Continue reading “Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE: Code Veronica”

Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE2

RE2_Platinum_FrontThis might comes as a bit of a shock to people but… I’m not a big fan of Resident Evil 2. Now don’t get me wrong, it is a really fun game but when some call it the best in the series or at least the best before Resident Evil 4 came out, that is where I have to put my foot down and say no.  The game is fun for certain but I think that in the grand scheme of things it just isn’t one of the best RE games out there. Even pre-RE4 I would not consider it the best of the set. Continue reading “Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE2”