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Current WWE Cruiserweights Ranked from Worst to Best

There has been a major uptick, as of late, with WWE’s Cruiserweight division. What was once considered dead on arrival after the brilliance of the Cruiserweight Classic has suddenly seen new life with a slew of new wrestlers and two excellent performances during Fastlane. After the title match between Neville and Gallagher as well as a tag team match that may have been the best pre-show match to occur since the start of the WWE Network, the future for the Cruiserweights went from black to darly dim after the Vinnie Mac Express viciously clipped their wings early in their run. But even with this up swing, there is still room for improvement on the roster. With that said, I am going to rank the 16 current cruiserweights on the roster from worst to best.

I should stress that this list will include those who are permanently on the roster and have made several appearances. So the Bollywood Boyz are out since they only wrestled one match and disappeared. Austin Aries, however, is eligible due to the fact that it is clear their are big plans for him and he has been seen since day one in a commentary capacity. Continue reading “Current WWE Cruiserweights Ranked from Worst to Best”

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is Back!

This article was originally posted on Project Derailed.

downloadMystery Science Theater 3000 has returned and I, for one, am the happiest son of a bitch on this planet! For some of our younger readers who might know of the awesome sauce that is MST3K, MST3K is the original riff show in which Joel Hodsgon/Mike Nelson and their robot friends on board the Satellite of Love would tear into terrible movies in some of the funniest 90 minutes of television each week. The series originally aired from 1988-1999 and would later spawn the internet sensation, Rifftrax. Well, after a Kickstarter campaign, MST3K received more than enough backers and has returned for our viewing pleasure! Joel and the Bots are well underway to creating twelve brand new episodes which will be released in the up and coming months!

I implore all fans of cinema out there, if you want to watch a piece of history then watch the new episodes of MST3K coming out in the next coming months. I recommend you check out all the information on their official webpage here.

From the Vaults: Age of Empires II

Age_of_Empires_II_-_The_Age_of_Kings_CoverartSo I disappear for a few days in a slew of papers, grading exams, and of course playing Age of Empires 2! Anyone else spend way too much of their childhood/teens/tweenhood dedicating way too much of your time to put two gigantic armies on one map and have them beat face each other or is that just me? At either rate, once I found this gem 80% off on Steam, it was an insta buy for me. Which is solid, considering if I ever wanted to get my Age of Empires fix, I thought I would have to go to my local Wal-Mart and find it in that section of puzzle games and Nancy Drew mysteries where it has existed for at least 15+ years. But once again, I digress…

If you were to look for the grandaddy of ’em all when it comes to strategy games, you will be hard pressed to find a game that competes with Age of Empires 2. This game is and rightfully should be one of the greatest video games of all time. It was one of my favorite games growing up and was listed as one of my Top 20 Favorite Video Games of All Time! But the question still remains, how does it hold up over the years? We are going to find out today! There really is no plot to this game unless you count the scenarios that they set up, so with that said, I’ll just jump right into the review. Continue reading “From the Vaults: Age of Empires II”

Cheesy Romance Month: Sixteen Candles

Sixteen_CandlesWhile You’ve Got Mail, might be synonymous with the 90’s, it could be said that any coming of age movie by John Hughes can be synonymous with the 80’s. But while You’ve Got Mail was all about the mass consumerism and everything wrong with Rom Coms and the 90’s in general, Hughes movies are looked on with more endearing eyes. They have more of a feel of nostalgia and a return to childhoods instead of ‘Oh yeah that existed back in that decade’. Out of all of the John Hughes movies there are very few that can match the level of all out cheese that Sixteen Candles reaches. As I said last week, not every movie for Cheesy Romance Week is going to be bad… Cheesy as all hell; yes, but definitely not bad. Sixteen Candles is a big ball of coming of age 80’s cheese that only the likes of John Hughes and the Brat Pack could successfully portray. Continue reading “Cheesy Romance Month: Sixteen Candles”

Tanner Reviews The Warriors

TheWarriors_1979_Movie_PosterIt is always fun to review a controversial movie… Granted it was controversial back during its release in 1979 and since then has been dubbed a cult classic and some would declare one of the best movies made in the 1970’s and of all time, but controversial none the less.

Created in 1979 under the direction of Walter Hill, produced Lawrence Gordon, and based on a book by Sol Yurick, The Warriors is the story about a group of nine young men who belong to a New York Street gang known also as the Warriors based out of Coney Island. After being framed for a murder they did not commit and with a large bounty placed on their heads, the Warriors have to fight their way back to Coney Island with every gang in the city looking to cash in the bounty as well as the NYPD looking to round up every gang member in New York. Loosely based on Battle of Cunaxa where 500 Greek Soldiers were stranded in Persian territory and had to fight their way to the sea. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Warriors”

New Series: Gaming Tales

Huntreck_cYou know there are two things that I love in this world. The first of which is gaming of any sort and the other is writing. I’ve been playing games since playing Super Mario Brothers as a damn near toddler on my Grandfathers NES and Super Nintendo and have been writing stories and attempting to get a novel published since my freshman year of high school.

Gaming and writing are pretty much my bread and butter and are intricate parts of my life and my personality as a whole. So needless to say anytime that I play an RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, World of Darkness, Dark Heresy, Call of Cthulhu and so forth I can actually see a written story unfolding before me only I do not have complete control over how the story is going to go. I absolutely love it and can even form the fiction in my head as we are playing. This probably being the reason why I tend to gravitate more towards the GM/DM role then the player role.

But for a while I have been wanting to create some new series that involved both of these subjects and now that new series is here. Gaming Tales will be my fictionalization of actual RPGs that I played in the past whether it be GM or player. I will emphasize that these are fictionalizations of these games, not stories of the games themselves and I hope you enjoy them.

That being said I was thinking of a story that would be a good starting point to this new series. While I would love to create some stories about D&D I feel those need to be saved for now as they are large epic lasting tales of yesterday. Instead I want to delve into the a story from the World of Darkness.

I absolutely love the series as a whole and is only second to D&D in my book. I absolutely love the story and the universe it sets and look for a chance to delve into every chance that I get. This particular story I’m about to tell comes from the Hunter: The Reckoning set of the series.

So in a nutshell, the protagonists of the story take on the role as humans who have been given powers by an unknown force called the Messengers in order to combat the vampires, zombies, werewolves, and so forth of the world that is dragging it into the depths of hell.

This particular one is one of my favorite stories and one of the most recent that I played with a few associates of mine here in Roanoke. So without further ado I hope you enjoy.