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Tanner Reviews Toribash

logoWell this certainly is an interesting game to say the least. It is definitely unique and I can safely say that I have not seen anything like it in recent memory. Toribash may be one of the most simplistic, complicated, and fun free to play experiences that I have ever come across in my years of playing video games.

The concept of Toribash is somewhat difficult to describe. What if an entire fighting game was nothing more than the fighting tutorial? Well with that mental imagery I think you can kind of tell where we are going with this. In each phase, you have two white figures covered in balls and shapes each marked with a part of the body. You click each part giving it directions in which to attack your opponent. One hit is enough to finish off a player, but you have to ensure your opponent hits the ground before you do to win the match. The success of the move is dependent upon the actions you gave your character to do with all parts of their body, making it a very simple idea, but a very complicated process to get what you want just right. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Toribash”

Tanner Reviews Contagion (Video Game)

ModDB_Contagion_Box.1Oh Steam, you seem to know just when I need something to put onto my site. It is as if your little three day weekend, ‘hey try this game we are trying to sell’ is geared towards the cynics like me who need to tear apart something on the internet in order to keep our little websites and live streams alive. So thank you Steam. Thank you for giving me something worth while to talk about and boy is there a lot to talk about. The video game I am looking at today is just one of many games that has saturated the market with numerous competitive zombies vs. humans style game, Contagion. DayZ, Seven Days to Die, Unturned, Left 4 Dead, and the list just keeps going on of games based around the concept of surviving a zombie apocalypse. As much as I love zombies and zombie stories, I do have to admit that even a fan like myself is getting tired of zombie games upon zombie games piling into Steam and other outlets that we are buried up to our necks in rotting flesh. Contagion like many games in this series before it started off as a simple mod created by one die hard individual that seemed to snowball into a full fledged video game thanks to the absolutely dangerous combination of Steam and Kickstarter. Now I’m not normally one who takes joy out of attacking the little guy. (For those who read my Mountain review, shut up.) But at the end of the day I am a critic. It is what I do. I critique work so that the buyer can read my review and make an informed decision and I also critique so that creators and developers can read my review and based on that information can improve their product for the future. So yeah, most of you can see where this review is about to go. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Contagion (Video Game)”