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Tanner Reviews Depth

headerPraise GabeN! Once again, the benevolent one has given me a game to play for a three-day period… Which is perfect for my critical mind. What a treat! …Well, except for the fact that the game that Steam gave me to try out was a First Person Shooter featuring divers and sharks named Depth. Depth is an interesting little title from the independent developing team, Digital Confectioners. Most certainly a novel concept and one that is at least original in design, Depth tragically falls flat on every other area besides its interesting premise.

In Depth, you enter into a competitive multiplayer arena on one of two 4v2 teams. On one side, you have the divers, a group of four players who are tasked with guarding S.T.E.V.E., a probe meant to collect treasure in sunken ruins. You have to guard it from two sharks whose job it is to kill all the humans and destroy S.T.E.V.E… What is so important about this treasure that you would be willing to risk the lives of four people just to protect a robot is beyond me… But moving on. Simply put, the goal of the game for the humans is to collect the treasure and make it back to the boat alive while the sharks goal is simply to eat the humans and destroy S.T.E.V.E. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Depth”

Tanner Observes Evolve

imagesLet me preface this post with the fact that I have not personally played Evolve yet. I am not a fan of competitive multiplayer and if given the choice between spending full price on a competitive multiplayer game and taking on a hornets nest with my bare hands, let’s just say those hornets are going to have a real run for their money. I just don’t like them and the only one I do like, Team Fortress 2 feels like it is almost making fun of the whole aspect of competitive multiplayer. So needless to say, I’m going to be a little biased, but I promise I will keep my personal feelings of competitive multiplayer in check. With all of this said though, I have watched my friends played Evolve on several occasions (in particular Twitch streamer and close friend Jate Nott) and I feel confident on sharing my opinions on what I have witnessed as a critic watching a game.

All of that being said, Evolve is a really interesting case. On the one hand, it is bringing out something new for gamers to explore and on the other hand it is bringing us the same shit we have always seen. The question is where will Evolve fall in the grand scheme of things? Will it join the adults table with Halo and CoD or will it be destined to languish in the pits of forgotten multiplayer with Destiny and Titanfall… Well that is what we are here to find out today. Continue reading “Tanner Observes Evolve”