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Tanner Reviews Invisible Inc.

headerWell wasn’t this a pleasant surprise? I certainly did not think I would be diving into the realms of Cyberpunk in the near future and yet here I am, about to look at an Isometric stealth game that seems strangely ubiquitous for the Cyberpunk genre, Invisible, Inc. This new game that comes to us from Klei Entertainment (the guys who brought us Torchlight II & Don’t Starve) may look like a standard Shadowrun clone, but in all truth and honesty, there is a strange level of character that this game has that I say, may even put it a step past the current Cyberpunk front runner.

In the distant and bleak future of 2074, the megacorporations have taken over the earth as per the standard Cyberpunk cocktail along with neon signs and a guy named Decker. Invisible, Inc. is a private intel agency that collects data for other corporations, which is a refreshing change of pace, considering they are working for the man to fight the man, instead of just fighting the man, but I digress.

From the start of the game, Invisible, Inc. is raided by a corporations and out of the entire agency, only two agents, you the player, and the agency’s leader escape along with the computer AI that needs to be in a mega computer in order to run properly. You than take on the roll as the guy in movies that sits comfortably in a room instead of fighting baddies as you command the agents to do various missions of your choosing like rescuing comrades, stealing supplies, and so forth. The goal of the game is to reach the end and save Incognita so that the firm may live to see another day. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Invisible Inc.”

Agatha Christie and Why My Computer Hates Me

Yeah… This is how I feel about my computer.

I am happy to report that I just posted my most recent video to my site. It is a book review on one of my favorite authors and favorite books for that matter, Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express.

Now the review itself I thought turned out really well.  I thought I portrayed the book in a very positive light and gave it the review that a story of its caliber deserves. The book is after all, one of the best murder mystery novels out there and underrated for the quality that really goes into it.

But I can’t give too much away. If you wish to watch the review please check it out here: 

I also decided to go with a new look for my wardrobe. My original look I felt was too “college friendly”  and I must evolve my look in order to portray the place in my life I am at. Personally I quite enjoy the black dress shirt and blue jeans. It has a look of professionalism but with a little bit of a care free attitude.

However there was a problem I am ashamed to report. You see this review was scheduled for next week and the review this week was suppose to be a Transformers Comic Book Review and it would be finished now if my computer didn’t hate my existence.

One of the biggest hurdles that I have had to leap on this journey is my lack of a budget and “sub-par” equipment to work with. Now I know all people cannot start off with the best equipment in the business but still, I wish I could get a bone thrown here. My DVD burning software is good, my camera is decent, and my tripod is… Well a tripod.

The problem comes with my poor old laptop and my sub-par movie editing software. My laptop has reached the age of five and is in the twilight years of its life while the movie editing software I purchased can only be considered a few steps above Windows Movie Maker. It crashes often which means I have to save as quickly as possible to make sure I don’t lose my progress AND in the process of creating video files the audio will go haywire.

Hopefully I will be getting a little influx of cash soon in order to purchase a new laptop and a new movie editing software. Until then I guess I will have to continue beating my head against a wall and flipping the bird to Nero’s sub-par software.

But I will keep on pushing forward. After all the really good things in life are things that you have to fight for and I am not going to give up just because of a few minor problems.

You can look forward to seeing my Transformers Comic Review next week.

Thanks for reading.